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Old 11-08-2006, 01:04 PM   #1
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I hope this is a suitable subforum to post this, as I didn't sadly find anything dedicated to MUD clients.

A cross-platform MUD client (meaning it should work equally good in Windows, Linux and Mac) called wxMUD is near to its first release, but I lack any contacts for active Mac testers to get it work great for the Mac as well right off the start.

First, I suppose I should briefly introduce what wxMUD is:

wxMUD is an open source (GPL) cross-platform graphical MUD client written with the wxWidgets framework to support many platforms (win32, Mac carbon, GTK+, etc) natively. The client currently supports ANSI colours, MCCP, MXP (including, but not limited to, full text formatting, frames, inline images), MSP, aliases/triggers and more.

We are looking good for a first official release, but lack any active testers on Mac OS X. For the client to work great on the Mac, some problems need to be identified and fixed - but that's not really possible to do without anyone testing what, if anything, is wrong. No current developer has a Mac, but preliminary testing thanks to a non-MUDding Mac packager have shown that the client works quite satisfactory on the Mac as well, but to be able to identify any problems that happen during gameplay and knowledgable (MUD players) use, we need your help!

If you have Mac OS X and are willing to help out, please contact me via e-mail or IRC.

My e-mail is and our IRC channel is #wxMUD on the Freenode network -
In case of e-mail, please prefix the subject line with "[wxMUD]" for it to not be lost in my other mails, which I get over 150 a day from mailing lists.

From there we can work out real-time (e.g MSN, AIM) contacts in case IRC isn't a permanent option.
I will be able to provide a universal binary that should work on both Intel and old PPC Macs, with Mac OS X 10.3 and later, but possibly also 10.2. This is thanks to someone providing it for me - I can't run or test it myself. A Mac packagers who plays MUDs help would be great too.

Any kind of feedback, requests, and so on is welcome as well, including for other platforms (I might even be convinceable to provide Windows testing binaries, for those who can't compile the code themselves, or help with getting it work from code on Windows, Linux or Mac).

Link to wxMUD homepage is and yes, I know it's quite outdated and ugly - updating the webpage is planned to happen at the same time the first release happens.
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Old 11-09-2006, 07:52 PM   #2
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is this able to work on the intel macs as well as g4 I have both, but have experienced some issues with software designed for my older mac not being able to function on my intel mac
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Old 11-09-2006, 09:19 PM   #3
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leio is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by (Kaleisha @ Nov. 09 2006,7:52)
is this able to work on the intel macs as well as g4 I have both, but have experienced some issues with software designed for my older mac not being able to function on my intel mac
Yes, my packager is able to produce universal binaries - binaries that contain inside machine code for both old macs and intel macs. No need for rosetta on Intel macs - it contains native little endian code for Intel Macs (effectively doubling the executable size, but that's how most things are shipped nowadays to be native on both Mac hardware).
So in short - it should work fine on both kind of hardware (assuming Mac OS X is new enough for the wxWidgets library), barring any problems that aren't known yet, which is why I need testers

Update: I recalled that another person (who doesn't MUD either, and is a developer of wxWidgets platform for Macs) had a couple months back tested it on Intel Mac, and it worked good. As a random fact - it appeared that on Intel Macs the client worked great for years probably, as it turned out that the show stopper for a Mac version had everything to do with the platform endianness (PPC Macs are different in endianness than Intel Macs or regular PCs) and nothing with the fact that it was being run against carbon. Thanks to that, another wxMUD developer was able to fix the problem on a big endian machine running Sun Solaris and using the GTK+ version of wxMUD That's how cross-platform the client is
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Old 11-10-2006, 04:15 AM   #4
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I user a macbook, and also the big family PC, so I know Windows and Mac.

I'll try downloading it tomorrow and take it for a test drive on the laptop .
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