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Hello one and all,

I represent StuphMUD, a longstanding mud started in 1995 that went back up
early in 2003 after a prolonged downtime (about 3 yrs). We're looking for new
players to rebuild our player base, and we have a large percentage of our original
imms and morts there to help along the way.

Like brand new muds, we also have a great opportunity for in-game growth. Other than our
core of players(spread all over the world and therefore seldom on at the same time) we have
few players at the moment, and we're looking for builders and other immortals in the near future,
so you have a great chance to get established, and earn some 'street cred' towards
positions of responsibility.  Unlike brand new muds, we're a well-established mud with a
gigantic playing world and many zones.

Some of our highlights include:

*Highly-modified, medieval-style mud based off Circle 3.0 release level 8. We have very stable code overall,
   and as of this writing have been up more than 25 straight days without a crash or reboot. (Trying to see
    how long we can go without a crash; occassional reboots for eq restocking occur as needed).
*A mud-wide theme, and more detail, intrigue and mysteries to be found than 95% of the other muds out there.
*Numerous thematic connections between zones. You won't find something as out of place as Mega City One next
    to a medieval castle here. For that matter, you won't find anything with a 'modern' or 'futuristic' theme.
*We offer some of the best areas/zones around, ones you won't find anywhere else, and
    if I may say so I think that is our strongest asset.
*2 continents, one large and one gigantic
   -The large, starting continent (Marklar) is mostly (~80-90%) original, with renovations made to most remaining
    stock zones to fit our mud-theme.
   -The gigantic continent (Landrea) is 100% original, with dozens of plotlines both large and small, interlocking
    themes, mysteries, a lush history, and more. In many ways, Landrea is more like a single 5,000+ room zone than
    a continent of disparate elements.
*Over 150 connected zones, some of which are very large. More than 20,000 total rooms. Some areas offer in-zone
    quests, elevators, an ocean voyage, riddle solutions leading to powerful rewards, and more.
*No stock 'Newbie/Mud School' zone. We have a couple of unique 'newbie orientation' areas to help new players get started.
*105 mortal levels, with 6 progressively more powerful remorts possible.
*Detailed remort system that allows a wide degree of player customization.
*9 classes.
*25 starting races, and 10 remort races.
*Over 130 skills and spells.
*No rent system. Simply save and quit.
*Free recalls for new players up to level 15.
*Corpse retrievers, banking system, autoloot, autosacrifice, autogold, grouping.
*6 clans, each with their own clan house and clan donation rooms.
*Player houses that allow up to 30 objects to be stored back at the homestead.
*Up to three multies (pc and two helpers) allowed online at the same time for each player.
*Optional PK system. No fears of someone helping you only to kill you later at their whim.
*Player arena, which allows for player vs. player combat without fear of losing equipment.
*Experienced immortals and helpful, long-time mortals willing to help and responsive to your needs and issues.

******We're located at 2112.******

Come by and give us a try. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Head Builder (and one of the Implementors) of Stuph,
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