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Legends of Karinth is a mud worthy of having you as one of it's players.
The reason to why I am saying this is to show you that there is a mud that has all that cool code and those nice feautures that you may have been looking for.
There is a huge amount of dedicated coders and builders who sacrifice time and effort into constantly improving the world(which already has over 6 million rooms).

Before I continue to tell you about LoK, I'll have to say that it is completely classless, but nonetheless is it skillless. At character creation you will be able to choose some feautures about your character that won't affect you in any way, other than ICly. A few examples are eye color, build, hair cut, and the like(Yes, you are able to change your gender too ^_^).

One of the first things that may strike you as unusual is the obvious lack of races. There aren't any other races than humans. Sure, for someone who is comfortable in being a dwarven paladin or a Troll Warrior, it may sound bad, BUT this is the time when I will reveal the strength of Lok:

As mentioned before in this advertisement, there are no classess, but this is made up for by an excellect skill system. There are numerous categories which you need to practice up a bit to gain access to all the different skills or subgroups that hide in them.
There are lots of different skills and spells to choose from, and this is where the classless feauture comes into it's right element. You have physical and Mental practices, which you use to gain/practice skills and spells. An example of how the skill tree is used:

You'd like to have knowledge of the spell sanctuary, so you start to prac Life Magic to about 40%, then you prac the subgroup Life benedictions, and finally you practise Sanctuary.

The point of this system is that you can gain exactly anything you want when you want - provided you have the necessary pracs. We have levels, of course, but we have quite an unusual amount of them.. 9989 to be exact. The reason is that you will never be able to 'max' your level You always gain 1 train per level, but according to what stats you train you'll gain different amounts of physical and mental pracs each level.
Oh, and the stat max is at 100 there is also help availible for all the stats.

Now that we're nearing the end of this ad I'd just like to say that I didn't get bribed with insane amounts of money or levels to write this, I just felt that LoK deserves this favor from me, since it has brought so much fun and uniqueness to my life of mudding.

A summary of some feautures:

*A huge amount of rooms and areas.

*Alot of skills and spells to choose from, and everyone can practice everything they want due to the classlessness.

*An advanced wilderness to make travelling between the areas more enjoyable.

*Also feauture alot of smart NPC's, mprogs, ASCII art and a dedicated base of immortals and players.


P.S. It might all look a bit confusing at start, but everyone will gladly answer all of your questions. There's always a few imms on to help you if need be
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Lithis is on a distinguished road

And lastly, for you lazy people, just connect to, and be sure to log on to the website located at
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