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Thats right, AoR is back! Come play in the world of dinosaurs as you take on the role of a deinonychus (dye-NON-i-kus), a velociraptor- type dinosaur. Join the war as you team up in one of two rival packs (Redclaw vs. Duskfall) in one of the most intense MUDS since well, when dinosaurs walked the earth! AoR is a challenging game, with very strict role play, so I recommend visiting the forums first.

address: port 5000
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Sweet! Don't forget the prehistoric mudbath and spa! *rawr*

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Yes! I may just check this out....
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I'm not real big on the levelling aspect of AoR, but since it is so easy to get to a playable level, it's not a problem.

Also, you could easily sit in the nest all day, and JUST roleplay, and have a terrific time. The lack of verbal communication can lead to some fun emoting. It's interesting to see a few deino's get together and plot something out, all without speaking.

Check it out.

Oh, oh! And play Duskfall. Redclaw is for failures.

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Hey, dont be dissing my clanmates... Ill claw your eyes out *growl*
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Hey hey! To help promote AoR I dug up an old log of some RP that I did about a year ago. It was pretty #### awesome, and is one of the best times I've ever had roleplaying.

Summary: Two members of the Red Claw pack are quarreling. Razer (me), the leader of the Duskfall pack, is cheering them on and hoping for some death. Shenysh, the Red Claw leader, shows up in the middle of the fight. She is very strong and has long been a menace to the Duskfall. In the end, the Duskfall are victorious, and Resin leaves the Red Claws to join them.

The Oasis Pool
This smallish pool is the only source of water nearby on the savannah.
Several small fish and insects skirt about within the pool and an
occasional drinker can be seen nearby. All around the pool are several
large leafy trees, which provide a good measure of shade and protection
for the pool.

Obvious exits:
North - The Shrouded Oasis
East - The Shrouded Oasis
South - The Shrouded Oasis
West - The Shrouded Oasis
Clear Water
A chunk of meat lies here (14)
A large chunk of meat is here. (3)
[AFK] (Hide) Resin - Warbeast of the Red Claw is sprawled out here.
A small beaked ornithopod shuffles about here.
Vliss the Lumpy Deinonychus is standing here.

Vliss stretches luxuriously. Makes you want to, doesn't it?

Vliss looks at you.

look vliss
You see a skinny, bony Deinonychus, with a narrowed snout and a slightly
thicker looking skull. His sandstone colored underbelly is the only break in
his rather unremarkable form.
Vliss is 9'5" and weighs 143 pounds.
Vliss is in perfect health.

Vliss looks at a small male iguanodon.

Razer reclines by the edge of the oasis, peering about carefully and pointedly ignoring the Red Claws opposite him.

Vliss scratches himself idly with a hindclaw, watching Razer.

[[Resin fights an Iguanodon]]

Vliss looks at Resin.

[[Resin leaves to chase the Iguanodon]]

Razer narrows his eyes at Resin's actions, watching him tromp off after the prey with disdain.
Vliss shivers at the gnats, scratching irritably at their bites.

Razer watches Vliss scratching at the gnat wounds and immediately stops his own scratching, resisting the urge to simply sway them away.

Vliss tilts his head and watches Razer intently.

Resin enters the Oasis pool.

Vliss looks at Resin.

look resin
This lean deinonychus is a fine specimen of his breed, despite being extremely
short by comparison. He makes up for lack of height with powerfully muscled
flanks and a short, club-like tail that the tip of which looks to have been
bitten off at some point.
His crimson swirled hide ripples with the corded muscles and tendons beneath.
His eyes are long and slanted slightly, their yellow depths catching and
reflecting with brilliance the the smallest bit of light.
Resin is 7'3" and weighs 97 pounds.
Resin has several wounds.

Resin eyes Razer thoughtfully, his head dipping to lick at a small wound on his flank before moving closer, intrigued.

Razer watches the young Red Claw approach intently, running a claw though the sand and thrumming quietly.

Vliss looks at you.

Vliss watches Razer, keeping his head sideways to eye him carefully.

Resin sniffs tentatively at Razer, his nostrils blowing as he pulls back and offers a rumble, not angry or challenging, but possibly pleased.

Razer nods slightly toward Resin and turns away again. He continues to thrum quietly to himself, glancing sideways every few minutes to watch Vliss more haughtily than he had the young one.

Vliss snorts at Razer and utters a low thrumming staccato noise, deep in his throat.

Resin turns his eyes from Razer to Vliss, their slitted yellow irises becoming obscured as his lids narrow in irritation.

Vliss blinks slowly and watches Resin eyeing him.

Razer watches the two Red Claw stare each other down with amusement. He gives another slight nod toward Resin, and clambers slowly up onto his feet to better watch.

Vliss looks at Resin, then at Razer.
Resin bares his teeth at Vliss, his growl beginning as a low rumble until it builds into crashing thunder in the deino's chest, lashing his tail in the shallows furiously, his challenge is obvious.

Vliss blinks in utter disbelief.

Vliss looks at Resin.

Razer lets loose a roar as well, although it is quite a bit lower and more contained that than of Resin. He takes a few steps back and continues to look on.

Vliss stands up tall, looking down at the smaller deinonychus, and then at Razer.

Resin scrabbles in the mud beneath his claws, his tail churning the shallows to muddy froth as he moves, gaining a slight height advantage as he perches on a thrust of the bank.

Vliss eyes Resin and utters a sibilant hissing noise, punctuated by short, sharp hissing barks.

Razer begins to circle the oasis, tilting his head toward the combatants. He grunts approvingly at Resin's perch and then turns his gaze to Vliss. Hmm.

Vliss spreading his forelimbs widely, hissing, and stands tall to the smaller Resin.

Resin growls softly once more, his tongue flicking over his teeth before he thrusts his chest out, trumpeting his challenge down into the face of Vliss.

Vliss snorts and watches Resin.

Vliss turns his head to look at Razer, and utter a low snorting hiss, then turns back to confront the upstart deinonychus.

Resin lashes at Vliss with his short, club like tail, its muscled surface stopping bare inches from the other beast as he roars a taunting rumble.

Razer calls toward Resin with a high squeal and jabs a claw toward Vliss encouragingly. He steps up behind Resin and digs his talons into the mud.

Vliss eyes both deinonychus with a loud racking sound emanating from his throat.

Resin lowers his head and laps at the water, his eyes turned from Vliss as he carelessly caresses the waters surface with his tongue, seemingly oblivious of the tension for the moment.

Vliss hisses at the much younger deinonychus sharply, and looks down at him.

Resin curls a lip in a deinonychus' sneer as he watches Vliss.

Vliss snorts at Resin.

Razer lets out another shrill call, goading on the small Red Claw. He clenches his claws and bares his fangs, hissing.

Resin deliberately tilts his neck, offering the life-vein to his adversary, his arrogant sneer obvious.

Vliss quickly swings his rather bony skull in a short arc, nearly clipping the young deinonychus in the snout.

Shenysh enters the Oasis pool.

Shenysh hisses.

The Oasis Pool
This smallish pool is the only source of water nearby on the savannah.
Several small fish and insects skirt about within the pool and an
occasional drinker can be seen nearby. All around the pool are several
large leafy trees, which provide a good measure of shade and protection
for the pool.

Obvious exits:
North - The Shrouded Oasis
East - The Shrouded Oasis
South - The Shrouded Oasis
West - The Shrouded Oasis
Clear Water
A chunk of meat lies here (14)
A large chunk of meat is here. (2)
Vliss the Lumpy Deinonychus is standing here.
(Hide) Resin - Warbeast of the Red Claw is standing here.
Shenysh the Deinonychus is standing here.

Shenysh raises her head and clenches her jaw angrily, staring right at Razer.

Razer shakes his head about in Shenysh's direction, hissing urgently toward her. Her flicks his head to the side after she turns to him, then returns to watching Vliss and Resin take swings at each other.

Resin rumbles a deino grunt and turns to look to Shenysh, obviously dismissing Vliss.

A low, thunderous rumble rises from Shenysh's throat like tremors from a volcano, enraged.

Vliss bashes the younger deinonychus roughly with his flank as he trots towards the pool.

Resin lunges into the waters, slashing down into the shallows next to Vliss and pressing his torso up against the other beasts' flank, his maw hanging open in challenge.

Razer snaps toward Shenysh angrily as she disturbs the other Red Claws' conflict. He takes a few steps back and goads Resin on with another shrill call.

Shenysh instantly turns her gaze back to Razer, eyes flashing dangerously. She is clearly moments from being very, very hostile.

Vliss hisses openly at Resin, pushing at the young upstart's body in answer to his challenge.

Resin scrabbles in the mud, trying to gain purchase against the larger Deino. His short stature allowing him a lower center of weight as he pushes with a shoulder, snarling.

Vliss simply presses down on the shorter deinonychus, trying to force him down into the thick mud.

Razer steps back even further from Shenysh, but keeps his gaze locked on the quarreling deinos. He calls again, longer this time, nearly screeching for blood.

Shenysh peers darkly at Razer, then swings her muzzle towards Resin and Vliss, her tail twitching in agitation.

Resin swings his club like tail around and slams it into the flanks of Vliss, its impact jarring the smaller and o, yet he retains his feet.

Vliss staggers back and hisses at the smaller deinonychus, before leaning low to shove at Resin's knees, trying to throw him off balance.

Razer bares his fangs and claws at Resin anxiously, pointing first at his shining teeth then each hand at the claws on the other. He leans down and works them though the mud, drawing closer to the fighters.

Resin growls his displeasure as he stumbles but regains his balance quickly and lunges back in, lowering a shoulder and launching himself at the weak-joint of his foe's back flank.

Shenysh snaps her gaze back to Razer, hissing a warning.

Vliss snorts and slams his thick skull into Resin's own muzzle, downwards.

Resin roars angrily and lunges, upward and into the soft underbelly of Vliss.

Vliss simply rolls over on top of Resin, using his weight as leverage to push him deeper into the smothering mud.

Shenysh snorts and shakes her head vigorously.

Vliss hisses down at the squirming Resin.

Resin sputters and raises his talon-like claws to rake at the soft, tender underbelly of his rival Deino.

Vliss rolls off onto the other side of Resin quickly, and kicks him sharply in the ribs with his killing claw far away from Resin's flanks, to do no harm.

Vliss stands up and wades of the churned up muck.

Resin snarls in pain and rushes the rival deino, his head lowered as he slams into his rival, his boned head raking and butting at his enemy’s ribs.

Razer snorts and turns, losing interest in the Red Claws' squabble. Before he leaves, though, he turns back. Taking a few steps toward where the two are fighting, Razer calls toward Resin, loudly. He shakes his head about and jerks his claws at himself.

You beckon to Resin to follow you.

Vliss snorts and leans back on Resin sharply, squishing the mud higher.

Shenysh growls lowly, glaring at Razer.

Resin pulls himself from the fray, and with a last, snarling roar at Vliss, turns to Razer.

Shenysh hisses angrily.

A Female hisses at Resin.

Vliss snorts and hisses at the rear of Resin.

Resin snarls down into the Oasis and moves closer to Razer.

Razer leans in close to Resin's head after drawing him from the battle, chittering urgently into the young Red Claws ear.

Shenysh starts to angrily advance on Resin, seething with hate.

Resin bares his fangs at Shenysh, a warning.

Vliss stands up tall and stares down at the young deinonychus.

Razer stops chittering and lets out one low, guttural noise. He jerks a claw at Shenysh, eyes flashing.

Shenysh takes no heed to the warning, continuing advancing.

Shenysh growls.

Vliss hisses sibilantly at the smaller male.

Resin roars his defiance at his former pack mates, his wet claws flashing in the sunlight as he brandishes them warily.

Shenysh literally shakes with hate and anger, her eyes slowly switching to Razer, then back to Resin.

[[Battle, Resin and Razer grouped against Shenysh and Vliss. Resin fell first, then Shenysh, and by the time Razer takes down Vliss, Resin is already back up and helping]]

Resin roars triumphantly, his screams echoing.

Razer shrieks at the red claws in triumph.

Resin snarls angrily.

Razer steps in front of Resin and holds him from his fallen pack mates, sneering at their forms.

Resin snarls and looks to Razer, questioningly.

Shenysh hisses.

[[Shenysh attacks again. Is stunned again.]]

Razer roars louder and kicks at Shenysh, jabbing a finger to the south. He lowers a claw toward her, an impatient look on his face.

Vliss looks at Resin.

Resin sneers at Vliss, his disdain apparent as he gestures south, away from the oasis.
Razer jabs a claw south again, snarling.

Shenysh growls, still standing her ground, refusing to back down.

[[Resin and I attack Shen and Vliss again, stun them both]]

Resin gestures with his killing-claw at the fallen foes, his eyes hungry.

Razer is now shrieking in what could be anger or joy, but certainly excitement. He stomps around in the mud and points south again.

Resin edges closer, his claws poised for violence, but looks first to his new Alpha, Razer.

Shenysh hisses.

Vliss growls weirdly.

[[Vliss and Shen attack again, are stunned again]]

Razer narrows his eyes and lets out a shallow sigh. He leans down toward Shenysh, wearied, and simply drags his claw against her throat. She had her chance.

You slash your long claw through Shenysh's throat, spilling their lifeblood in a spray.
OOC - Shenysh is Dead!

Vliss hisses sharply at Razer.

Resin advances on Vliss menacingly.

Razer steps back from Shenysh's body, looking toward the south, now a bit anxious. He turns toward Vliss and waits again, only moving to hold back Resin.

Resin edges closer, his claws poised for violence, but looks first to his new Alpha, Razer.

Vliss snorts at Resin.

Resin waits, his eyes blazing hate at Vliss.

Vliss hisses and snaps at the young upstart.

Razer shakes his head in exasperation. He advances on Vliss, still fighting even with have his organs currently outside his body. He advances slowly, giving Vliss every chance to escape, and stops purposefully before him.

Vliss hisses and slowly slinks away into the undergrowth, painfully.

Resin snarls at Vliss, his claws jerking eagerly.

Vliss utters a short snapping bark at Resin before departing.

Vliss leaves the Oasis pool.

Resin roars at the retreating form, his calls triumphant.

Resin moves closer to Razer and licks at a small cut, his rumbles pleased.

Razer nods and lets himself fall back down into the shallows, chittering softly to himself. He sips at the water and lets the blood wash off his crimson scales, nodding approvingly toward Resin and eyeing Shenysh's body.

You drop down and fall asleep on the ground.

Your surroundings begin to fade as a mystical swirling vortex of colors
envelops your body... When you come to, things are not as they were.
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