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an interactive novel in which the twists and plots are brought to life from people around the globe; a place where fiction takes form into a new reality.

The surface teems with bustling settlements, the skies are as vast as the oceans deep, and the immense underworld holds many mysteries. Whether you shall live for thrills, fortune and power, or the satisfaction of a finely honed craft, the rich textual environment detailed here allows you to shape the world to your will. You can found a homestead, an empire, or perhaps a personality only spoken of in whispers.

With some of the most sophisticated features available in a multi-user domain, we host one of the most immersive roleplaying experiences available anywhere today. Within the confines of a subtly gothic medieval environment, we welcome you in to play a main character in the unfolding story; to open the pages of this book and enjoy the story unfolding within.

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I would deffinately recommend this game to just about any passionate roleplayer as well. Through my opinion may be biased it isn't, however, based without facts.

The parsing in this game is just great. The functionality and diversity is enough to keep even seasoned players busy. Being roleplay enforced, it has a lot of potential for something extraordinary. There are lots of MUDs out there that have similar conceptualization but none that I've found that are as large as this game is, and as evocative as well.
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Though I'm also not an unbiased source of information, I can also recommend Accursed Lands wholeheartedly. The quality of the writing that's been set down by the creators of the game is unparalleled. I came from a predominantly hack 'n slash background, but after a bit of adjustment I began to really understand the way the gameworld works and how the different cultures impact the environment and social spheres.

I've roleplayed, or at least attempted to, in MUDs where every object you can attack is made specifically for the purpose of farming experience or loot, or finishing quests that require varying amounts of monster spoils. You won't find any of that at Accursed Lands, though. The RP environment is consistant, and the staff is always working to make it even more realistic.

Looking for RP within a world whose societies provide more than a backdrop for the player characters? Looking for a game that requires you to stay IC but still lets you play out your own plotlines? Look no further.
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bump, because we could use a few good players like you!
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