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Had enough of the automated combat system used by most Diku derivatives since the early 90s, where you type "kill" then sit back to watch the show, perhaps throwing off the occasional kick or fireball when you remember?

Bored of the same tired old balance/affliction combat system used by almost every commercial mud for the last 15 years, where you set up scripts to smoke spliffs, gargle chloraseptic and pluck squirrels while giving your opponent brewer's droop and chronic diarrhea?

Want to try something different? A combat system that requires actual skill and effort rather than an automated script or a fat wallet?

God Wars II: 3000

Combat is non-automated, based primarily on player skill, and requires the simultaneous control of four separate body locations - left hand, right hand, head and feet. Over seven thousand fighting techniques are available, divided among dozens of different weapons, fighting styles, skills, talents and powers, providing a vast array of tactical options.

Any object in the game can be used as a weapon - even living creatures, if they're small enough - just as anything can be the target of an attack; you can kill a rat by hitting it against the wall of a building, or by using it to parry an opponent's blade. You can literally tear off your opponent's limbs and beat them to death with the soggy end. Or tear off their face and wear it over your own.

The combat system has been thoroughly integrated with movement, with each weapon having its own reach and (for missile weapons) range. Magic also uses the same system, so that mages will rarely bother using melee attacks, instead summoning creatures to fight for them and blasting from a distance, using forcefields and other protective spells to keep opponents at bay.

Two hundred different types of monster are available to fight against, each with their own builds, equipment, tactics and weaknesses. For example, some very basic strategies include: Use ranged weapons against giant scorpions, as their stingers are very powerful. Use melee combat against centaurs, as when you get close they'll sheath their elemental-enhanced bows and draw spears with which they are less proficient. Don't use physical weapons against insect swarms, but instead light a torch or use fire-based spells. Lure treants into rivers where they can no longer entangle you with roots. Try to disarm (or cut the hands off) ogre mages, as their strength lies in their weapons and hand-based magic.

But what about the rest of the mud?

Character creation provides three choices - quickstart, concept or custom. Quickstart provides you with a well-balanced starting character and throws you straight into the game. Concept allows you to select one of twenty predesigned templates, each carefully tested for effectiveness while also being tied to a certain theme (for example the Samurai begins with appropriately named armour, has a katana, wakizashi and tanto thrust through his sash, and a naginata strapped across his back). Custom allows you to create any style of character you wish, specifying your stats, skills and fighting styles, and choosing three special talents (think 'feats' from D&D) from over a hundred different choices - the mud then uses your attributes to assembles the optimal set of starting equipment for your build. Nothing is fixed in stone, so you don't have to worry about making a bad build decision - you can just go back and change it later.

The main game world uses true coordinates instead of rooms, and is approximately four times the circumference of the earth, with three scales of ASCII map provided for navigation. Weather patterns shift and rotate across the landscape, tides rise and fall, rivers flow from springs out to the ocean or into lakes or swamps. Various monster lairs scatter the landscape, using randomly-generated layouts to ensure that each visit is different, while other creatures can be encountered in the wild, depending on where you are and what time of day it is. Players also have their own home plane which they can terraform, allowing each player to design their own world.

Descriptions are dynamic and generated on the fly, not just for what's around you but also for players and equipment - wade up to your waist into the ocean and your clothing from your waist down will become wet, walk through a swamp and your boots will become muddy, parry a blow and your weapon may become notched, strike your opponent and their clothing will become torn, while your blade becomes blood-stained.

There are no levels - character advancement is initially based on skills and fighting styles which go up through use. When the player is skilled enough to complete certain tasks, their character is able to join one of the four supernatural classes: Vampire, Werewolf, Mage and Demon. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, are able to train their stats, and gain access to an array of supernatural powers including customisable shapechanging, trainable pets, item forging and customisation, area-affect attacks, various spells, dimensional travel, specialised long-range senses, magical runes and tattoos, etc. The power system means that each class has dozens of viable playing styles - a vampire who focuses on Wolf Form will play completely differently to one who focuses on Bat Form or Mist Form, for example, while other vampires might not use shapechanging at all, instead crafting weapons and armour from the shadows, or forging weapons and armour from their own blood, or controlling wolves and rat swarms, or wielding shadow and mind magic, or perhaps something else entirely...

Equipment is layered, and each piece will typically cover a number of different locations - for example trousers won't just protect your legs, but also your groin, and can be worn along with a loincloth, chainmail leggings, and greaves. Each worn item provides different amounts of protection against different types of damage, adjusted according to the material it is made from, although this protection (as with weapon modifiers) is reduced as the item takes damage. Magical items are randomly generated, using bonuses appropriate to the item type (eg gloves might increase the power of your fists, while boots might allow you to move faster or kick better) and material (eg red dragonscale bracers might give bonuses for heat-based hand attacks).

There are also numerous minor features, as can be expected - a complex lockpicking system, a 'war' minigame, an optional food system, mounts, configurable colour, context-sensitive hints and help files, admin commands (including terraforming options) for players while on their home planes, a 'say' command that includes emote-style options, a map puzzle system, a boost system for rewarding casual play and discouraging botting, and so on and so forth.

You've played the rest...

Now put your fighting skills to the real test.

God Wars II: 3000
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