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If youíre looking for a world where imaginations run wild and thereís plenty of room to establish yourself, than Arthanox might be the world for you.

A large world, Arthanox is home to a variety of races and classes, as well as many areas that can be explored, some with their own mini quests and puzzles. The ability to remort as well as 100 mortal levels gives players plenty of time to explore.

The world is based off Rom, so those who enjoy the comforts of places like the Smurfs and Midgaard will be at home. But there are also other places, like the home town of Tortanum, and the Sands of Time, where is it rumored all life began hundreds of years ago.

An Automated quest system gives players something to do when they tired of levelling, and the equipment gained from questing is dynamic, growing with the playerís level. An unusual hero leveling system makes dedication to the character worthwhile.

What players sleep, they dream, and in those dreams some fabulous things can be found. Be wary though, for every wondrous dream, a nightmare is lurking around the corner.

Mortal and immortal lead clans spice things up, and those who devote time to their characters can find themselves eligible for their own clan. If leading a clan doesnít interest you, you can consider joining up with an existing clan, or wait and see if one of the upcoming clans suits you better. Player killing is restricted, so those who wish not to take part need not fear a sharp knife in a dark alley.

If this sounds like a world you would thrive in, come check us out at or visit the website: Characters that make it to level 15 will be awarded 200 quest points upon reaching that level*, which is 2/3 of what is needed for a Lamp of Knowledge. The world of Arthanox awaits you, what do you have to lose?

Arthanox Staff,

* - Offer good for new players only. The first character per account to reach 15 will be given the reward, all other characters on that account will not qualify. Anyone found creating extra accounts for the points will be fed to the implementorís cats.
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