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Avendar: The Crucible of Legends is showcasing our MUD with a one-day special event. Starting tonight at 9 PM Pacific, everyone who logs on will be instantly advanced to level 51, the maximum rank mortals can attain. (These characters will be removed after 24 hours.)
This will give everyone a chance to try out over 750 skills and spells available to our 24 unique classes. Come give us a try!


More info about Avendar:

Tired of lame stock muds? Sick of patchwork fantasy muds where you spend your days wondering why the mines of Moria are next to the White Tower? Killed just one too many fido? Ever wanted a mud that gives you something more than Midgaard?

If you're ready for that something more, and you're up for a
challenge, then Avendar is the mud for you. Avendar is a ROM 2.4 mud, with our own "special" modifications. Our imm staff has dedicated coders to slave away for our designers wildest dreams.

Avendar features an all original world, with its own detailed history and completely unique areas. Players can immerse themselves in one of ten races, or one of our _24_ classes. Rather than having a world which is a frankenstein patchwork of different builders styles and visions, our world is a consequence of _design_, operating from a "Bible" of the world's history.

What's our motivation?

We want a world where people can immerse themselves in telling a story, against a rich historical tapestry. We also didn't want a stagnant world, where nothing was ever lost, or there was nothing to fight for -- so we have a playerkilling system which makes life in the Avendar a challenge.

We'll be happy if we can persuade you to take up the epic spirit, dare the siege perilous, and we think we have a mud that will inspire you.

Along with the background and story of our world, we've haven't neglected an elegant set of game mechanics to further our goals. Mobs aren't just progged here, mobs can _remember_ on Avendar. With the addition of mob memory and over 65,000 player flags which can be set from mob progs, mobs can remember who's spoken to them, what they've said, and maintain a _permanent_ attitude toward players. This allows for once in a lifetime quests, mob supported player political power, or mobs who'll remember to give you the time of day.

If that's not enough, we've gone beyond mere mob and object progs, to introduce what we call "verb progs". Along with the regular commands, players can now use builder defined verbs in rooms. Unknown on ROM derivatives, this allows innovative puzzles, which exist on a "Zork-style" level of difficulty.

And if all this isn't enough, be sure to take a look at the list of our titanic FEATURES:

-Ranged based playerkilling. based on experience and level
-Powerful items are 'limited' -- players must fight or trade to get the best equipment.
-No level limits on items. If you can get it, you can use it.
-No rent: Never had it, never will
** Over _750_ skills and spells
-Full suite of mob and object programs, with our own "special" modifications:.
-Unique OLC abilities: builder defined verbs, progs on the fly, and 65,000 memory loations mobs can store and manipulate to permanently alter the state of pcs.
-Elemental magic system, where scholars pick and choose their choice of elemental specialty, including major and minor spheres of
-Mobs fight _smart_, using the skills of the player classes, tracking players that attack them.
-Over 948 help files to date -- we make it our personal quest to leave no stone undocumented.
-Roleplaying required. No lame names, and a world with a real history to live in.
-No spammy global channels, no irritating chatter you DON'T want to listen to.
-Great Houses, which battle over the elusive stones of power, and fight for ascendancy
-A beautifully designed weather system, where weather actually depends on things like the current temperature, geography, season, time of day, cloud cover, precipitation index, and the area you're in!
-Intricate dual lunar system, with moons that change phase, vary their rising time, and eclipse each other and the sun (Designed by an astrophysicist!.
-Original calendar, with feast days, months, and days based on the history of the world.
-Helpful and involved, imms, player discussion forum for ideas and opinions
-70 areas, all completely unique, all waiting to be explored


Be sure to check out our WEB page:
and our discussion FORUM:
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