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Accursed Lands is looking for new players. We're a unique MUD, probably unlike any you've tried before. Give us a try and hopefully you'll like what we have to offer.

Every MUD that's been around for a while has a base of dedicated supporters. Every MUD is someone's favorite. Yet, all too often, MUDs are copy-cat clones of each other. Sure, the areas may differ, and the equipment too; some MUDs may emphasize roleplay while others focus on providing a hack & slash environment. But we all know that, when you try a MUD for the first time, it's going to have a certain familiarity about it. Given a few days to learn any new commands, you'll feel right at home exploring most any MUD, right?

Accursed Lands is a MUD, but I like to think that it is truly unique among its peers. Most of our long-term players love AL; they get frustrated with a lot of other fine MUDs that don't measure up in one way or another. A lot of new players leave in disgust, confused by some of the customs that our AL community hold dear. In hopes of attracting new players, I'll list a few of the features of AL and explain why we think AL is unique among MUDs.

Our MUD is a totally free, volunteer-administered, LPMUD roleplaying environment. It is not roleplaying-optional or -encouraged. The OOC world is kept as far away from the IC world as possible. Our players will not tell you how to find areas in the game, or which item is 'best'. You are left to your own devices to explore, learn, and succeed or fail on your own merits. AL is not a beginner's MUD. The creators try to provide players with a space to do whatever their characters would do 'in real life'. This is different from what other roleplaying-enforced MUDs offer because AL takes realism to another level. The game world (both the surface and the underworld) is huge and it's possible to carve out your own little home in some out-of-the-way part of the game.

Commands usually mirror what you would do in real life. Accursed Lands' command parser is quite good, and a command such as, "Give my lit torch to the third human" will be understood by the game. No longer are you restricted to, "give torch.2 man.3" or something equally stilted. Of course, a full range of aliases, shortcuts, and 'commonsense AI' will allow you to shortern your commands if desired. Accursed Lands is a 'no typo zone' - all rooms are fully described (you should be able to 'look' at any noun in a description and get more detail), and we try to entertain you with well-written areas, items, and NPCs. Players are active in reporting typos, bugs, and balance issues, and these problems are quickly addressed by the staff. If you find something in our game, you can be sure that it makes sense, has a reason for existing, and will work as you would expect an equivalent real-life object to work (and if it doesn't we want to know about it and fix it).

Our classless, levelless MUD allows you to concentrate on the aspects of the game that make sense for your character; you're not forced to find some sort of 'newbie dungeon' and hone your rat-killing skills.

Rooms in Accursed Lands have three dimensions. If you want to touch someone, you will have to walk over to them first. If you want to touch the ceiling, you will need to fly. You may decide to plug someone full of an arrow-hole or two before they have a chance to run over to you and retaliate.

Characters have no 'inventory'. Every object in the game has size and weight; your character can only carry around what he/she can pick up, wear, or stick in a carried container. There are no super weapons of doom, or riddle-spewing dragons. Realism is the key to our light gothic-horror-tinged post-apocalyptic world with a dark-ages culture and level of technology.

Our list of features is longer than you can shake a stick at, so come check us out. We're looking for mature people with a penchant for roleplaying, drama, creative writing, and history.
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