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Untamed Lands

Untamed Lands - Looking for New Colonists

The sun beats down upon my back as I pull the rowboat alongside the dock. I let my eyes wander over the sandy beach, the few small buildings and the walled compound beyond as I take stock of my meager belongings. A few ducats, a token for food and lodging, and the clothes I wear are all that I can truly call my own.

Scrambling onto the dock an old salt greets me from where he works among the crates and boxes. He offers directions but little else, and truth be told I found his toothless grin a bit unnerving and was anxious to take my leave. As I turn to leave I almost trip as I stumble into a beggar, a child really. Out of habit I toss him a few cents and then curse myself a few paces later as I recall my own limited funds.

Perhaps father was right about standing up for your actions. Can this exile on this backward colony in the middle of nowhere be worse than the punishment I would have faced had I stayed home? Then again, wasn’t it standing up for myself that got me into trouble in the first place.....

Welcome to the world of Untamed Lands. The setting is a small chain of islands that began as a colony of convicts and outcast who were forced to work the mines or face a life in prison or worse. Years later a new Governor is appointed over the island and for the first time in a decade there are signs of progress. More than just outcasts travel to the shores, now merchants, explorers and anyone out to make a name for himself might step foot on the docks.

The game environment is class-less, level-less, human-centric with a focus on role-playing and creating a world where the character’s action can shape the future. The player base is small with bursts of activity around 9:PM EST. If you are interested in finding a new place to game, then stop in and see what we have to offer.

You can now build your own dwelling. Code just added were you could buy a permit, stake your land and start building a structure your self  . Some new areas added, and other new stuff added all the time! Some suggested reading is the Webpage below and one of the players’ webpage that is well done. The address to her page is (

You can connect to Untamed Lands at port 4321 [ port 4321] or by clicking on the game address on the About UL link at the web page (
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