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Accursed Lands ( port 8000) is a MUD for those who want something a little different. AL is designed with realism as the number one mandate. It's less a MUD than it is a text-based virtual world. We invite you to come and judge for yourself how well we've succeeded in discarding all the well-worn MUD cliches and replacing them with intuitive, plain-English commands, true-to-life game mechanics, and compelling, all-original theme.

Accursed Lands has been online for close to ten years and is still in active development. We stress faithful, nuanced roleplay over every other concern; in fact, AL was voted mud of the year at for the year of 2006. AL is consistently in the top 20 at, and our playerbase averages about 70 active accounts per day; we hope to grow that to around 200 active accounts per day in the near future, as we're getting a new state of the art server very soon.

Here's an abridged list of our features:
* Highly-modified LP-MUD
* Class-less, Level-less system. No visible numbers.
* AL is a typo-free zone. If you can find a typo in a released item or area, you have the eyes of an eagle and the mind of a scholar. If you're not sure what a word means, check out our online dictionary for a set of definitions.
* Roleplay mandatory with an RPI mindset. Act as your character would, not as you wish.
* Huge wilderness system with areas scattered about the landscape in a realistic manner. No speedwalking here, travel is dangerous and takes time and effort.
* Real character flight, with air rooms that are unreachable by terrestrial races. Swoop out of the skies to ambush your prey!
* Realistic ranged combat.
* Unique combat system that's automated for ease of use, but customisable in real time for those who want to employ a bit of skill when they fight.
* NO REQUIREMENT TO FIGHT IN ORDER TO BE A PART OF THE WORLD! Accursed Lands is a roleplay mud, the majority of our players do not fight, and many do not even hunt animals. You can have a satisfying time without being a combat specialist.
* Realistic thievery. You won't be able to spam "steal" over and over to make a living. Thieves are few and far between, and their lot in life is usually a sorry one. But the good ones: they are legends.
* Realistic magic. Magic is secret, feared, and detested. The role of a mage is not for newbies.
* Underwater rooms. Accursed Lands' vast oceans are fully inhabitable by aquatic races.
* Unique underworld system. Players can explore the vast, confusing underworld at AL, and even start hacking away at it with a pick or shovel, expanding it into a new network of caves that persists over reboots. Make a permanent mark on the world. Play a member of a subterranian race and live your life out in darkness, navigating with echolocation!
* Unique "recall lore" system. The more familiar your character becomes with the world around it, the more information it can "recall" about various topics of interest. Coupled with AL's dynamic descriptions that vary from character to character and even with the time of day, this makes for one of the most immersive MUD environments you'll find online today.
* A friendly, helpful OOC community. Player suggestions are taken seriously by the staff at AL. The staff at AL were once players too, we are all volunteers and build this game to the best of our abilities as a labor of love.

We have come a long way towards realizing our goals, but we still have a long road yet to tread. You're welcome to join us.
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