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AuricMUD is becoming cooler and cooler by the day! This Smaug *based* mud is HEAVILY modified, uses some coloring, but not so much that it blinds you(which I know everyone, myself included, hates).

A cool feature that is rather new is the ability to have the mud randomize your appearance, which is a highly customizable area, so character creation is a little bit quicker, but for the micro-managers in us all, you can still pick things from your hair color to skin color. There are 52 races to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. With 30 classes to choose from, specialization is unlimitted, from elementally based magic users, to bards, to ninjas, everything is covered. Even a Psionicist class which has a completely new set of skills called "PSI" that pull from an amount of psi(independant of mana). AuricMUD has a tiered based remort system, which means at level 50, you can return back to level 2, and add a new class to your arsenel, as you gain more classes, new classes open up. Currently there are 3 tiers - allowed are 4 1st tier, 2 2nd, and 1 3rd. An auto-quest system is in place with some AWESOME equipment available for purchase with qp. Multiple continents are available for exploration, as well as an in-the-works plane system. Tons of original zones, and items are yours to play with. Also, a brand new alignment system, where Chaos/Lawful and Good/Evil are two seperate entities, moving independantly of each other. Another In-The-Works is a new legend system, allowing you to continue growth even further than the 3 tiers of remorts...probably too detailed to go into here, but it looks to be tons of fun. Auric is a well rounded mud, with balance being preserved quite well, no class is necesarrily stronger than any other, as long as you learn your class well. Be warned however, there are tons of new spells/skills and commands, the help command is your friend on AuricMUD, if you go into it expecting a standard SMAUG mud, you will be lost. Come join us at

Look me up on Auric if you need help, Name is Gerdalti(Newbie Council)
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