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Lunar Eclipse - News of the Realm:
Luna has entered the Time of Balance.  The dark forces of
Lord Pitch are on the move to subvert and destroy all that is
just and good.  Lord Kray and his champions wage war against
these forces of chaos and evil to prevent the light of Luna
from being eclipsed again.

Calling all HEROES!  Alliances are being made.  Journeys are
being planned to end the evil threat of Lord Pitch.  Pitch's
followers are converging quickly to wipe out all that is good.

Which side are YOU on?  Visit us today and join the battle.
Whichever side you take, may the Gods have mercy on you soul.

Come on out and try Lunar Eclipse for the first time or again!

   Visit our web pages at
   Try us out at telnet://

Lunar Eclipse has been around for many years and servers.
We feature the original four character classes as well as paladins,
rangers, and psionicists.  There are also a good number of races
to choose from. We are a 101 level game and we feature opt-in PK
through joining clans or by going it alone.  Clans also have
their own custom designed skills, spells and equipment.

There are 96 areas to adventure in, some of them old chestnuts
from Merc and Rom, but there are at least 40 areas you won't see
anywhere else.  All the areas have new life breathed into them
as we've implemented well over 500 interesting scripts for NPCs,
objects and rooms.

Our staff is experienced, mature, energetic, friendly and is very
active in the development of the game.

Game rules are simple and straightforward.

We also have some other interesting features:

  A game called mud paintball, not unlike tag with guns.
  A mud transportation service.
  A board where players can vote on mud issues.
  A questing system that's both challenging and actually works.
  Eclipse points for imm-run quests, regular questing, slaying
    bonus mobs.  Buy special equipment, restrings, weapon flags,
    and more.
  Mounts, maps, talkative NPCs...

We running on a quality mud server with great up time and bandwidth.
No server side lag here.  It is also such a stable game, we offer
lucrative in game rewards for the discovery of crash bugs.  We've
only handed out one of these so far this year.

Visit our web pages at
Try us out at telnet://
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