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I love RP...and am looking for a great mud to join, but honestly, are the any muds out there with more NICE folks than nasty/rude ones?

I am not a twink noob, I read the help files, I learn a bit about the game before I start, and I do try to look it up before asking it, but still I get ignored or disregarded or rudely treated in some MU*s I have tried.

I am looking for a MU* that has the following:

Nice staff and players who welcome a smart and willing newlie to their ranks...
Role Play Intensive (but not EXTREME...if you need to ask a quick question oocly, you do not get verbally beaten up!) In other words, ooc is used to ask question or let folks know if something came up, but NO chat is allowed - and if the line is crossed the offender is told NICELY.
A detailed game world (does not have to be huge)
A level-less and class-less system...skills are fine, but I want to learn them by study, just like in RL.
An interesting backstory to the world...
At least 10 or 15 so players on that are available to RP with...
IMM Plots and player plots frequently...
Ability to build/own houses would be great....
a system to page players oocly...but that can be turned off or put on busy mode...
A world where you do not have to be a fighter or kill innocent woodland creatures to have a "successful" char. You can have a char goal to open a shop and have a family...or to be a entertainer...or a ship's captain...or a spy...or whatever.

I do not care if the mud is not in the top ten of the TMS scoring system, I do not care if it super popular. I only want folks (at least the majority of the players and the ALL the staff, to be NICE and HELPFUL.)

And if you are not only willing to suggest your game if it fits, but also volunteer to help me out  and RP some if I come and visit, then I would be even more pleased.


P.S.: I am learning to read the forums of a game before I play, it is the best way to ascertain whether the community is healthy and the staff is courteous.
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I'd highly recommend Armageddon. Its an RPI mud with a harsh desert theme where metal is extremely rare, magick is feared and despised and the standard is very good. The vast majority of people that play there are nice and I've never seen a newbie been jumped on over anything - the most common reaction I've seen is an OOC direction the help files or to a list of helpers who can answer the questions.

I'd definitely advise you to have a browse through the extensive and informative help files before submitting a character. You're not expected to have much knowledge of the gameworld when you first log in of course. A good idea is to try and get a job with one of the clans in the game e.g. the noble houses, merchant houses or a mercenary outfit (T'Zai Byn). Joining up with a clan will provide you with instant interaction and help in getting accustomed to the gameworld.

The staff and players are always welcoming to a smart player who wants to become part of the Armageddon story. The staff on Armageddon are the best I've ever dealt with. Professional, polite and helpful would be a quick summation. Being an RPI of course not every player is going to be friendly to your character. Some races, such as elves, are not liked much by humans and you might find yourself being ignored by humans if you play one. Also, some players will be playing nasty characters who mightn't wish your character well but OOC'ly the players are a decent lot.

Armgeddon is definitely RPI and players take it seriously. I've never seen a problem with somebody having to ask a quick question OOC'ly but admittedly the OOC method of communication is used quite sparingly on Arm and the players do like to keep it that way. There's a general discussion board where you can also post any questions you might have as well as a list of helpers who can provide you with quick answers through IM.

The gameworld is both detailed and large and completely original with lots of places to discover. The descriptions are well written and there's lots of little nuances to the areas.

Armageddon is level-less but does have classes such as ranger, warrior, burglar, assassin, etc. Each particular class has its own sets of skills which are raised through practicing them. In addition you can choose a subclass such as hunter, acrobat, linguist, stoneworker, etc. which'll give you additional skills for your character. However, skills are only one part of your character and don't decide how your character is going to live their life.

There's usually people around to RP with even in the off-peak hours. Peak times would have about 60-70 players. There are IMM driven plots that are constantly developing the storyline of Arm sometimes culminating in massive world events such as a war between the two city states. There are numerous player driven plots as well ranging from the mundane up to inter-house politics.

You can own your own house on Arm if you want or you can rent one. It is possible to get one built as well but you would want to have an established character before the Imms would go to the trouble of putting one together. Indeed, if your character is established there's no limit nearly to what they can get done e.g. setting up their own merchant house or mercenery or criminal group to gathering togther your own army to lay siege to a city. Of course these things aren't just handed to you - you'll be made to work hard for your success just like you would in RL.

You certainly don't have to be a figher or kill innocent woodland creatures to have a "successful" character. Having a successful character on Arm is about being true to your character. You can go the route of the hardened warrior if thats what you want to do. Or you can be a hunter type and  kill creatures because thats how you make a living - you kill them, skin them and sell the hides or make something from them if you have the skill. Or you can just decide that your character is a good for nothing drunk who is only interested in the next mug of ale. You can be a spy, a merchant, a crafter (there is a large, skill-based system), an entertainer, a criminal or a mixture of all of the above. Its up to you how you play it.

Just some additional notes about Arm. It is a permadeath system so if your character gets killed then they are finished and you have to submit a new one. This isn't to everyone's taste but, personally, I enjoy it. I think it forces you to play realistically with your character and also allows you to experience lots of different types of characters. Also, there is a magick system on Arm but is only open to players once they prove themselves to the Imms to be trustworthy to handle the roles as they are more difficult to play correctly. Similarly, there are certain races which are only open to players once they have earned this trust.

So if you're interested check out here for more: Armageddon Its completely free to play and has the best RP I've found on a mud.
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Originally Posted by (AquariaJade @ Feb. 12 2004,01:47)
A class-less system...skills are fine, but I want to learn them by study, just like in RL.
a system to page players oocly...but that can be turned off or put on busy mode...
A world where you do not have to be a fighter or kill innocent woodland creatures to have a "successful" char. You can have a char goal to open a shop and have a family...or to be a entertainer...or a ship's captain...or a spy...or whatever.
I was going to suggest a Armageddon, except I decided not too after reading these couple of points.

As Borris said, we have a class-based system.

We have an in-character method of paging characters. No OOC method. It's difficult to use at first, there are IC reasons for this, it can't be used to leave messages while the player is logged off, only when logged on. And if you use the way for too long, you have the possibility of fainting (also for IC reasons).

You can also be anything you want. I myself have made my most successful characters by not using a single coded skill However opening a shop (or building a house) isn't hard-coded like it is in other muds. You have to go through IC channels, as well as OOC channels to get that store open However it is by no means impossible. I have only been playing for 2 years and I personally know of 1 person who has opened up a store.

However PCs can have large affects on the game. I know of 1 person who created their own clan, one that has gained Imm support and is likely to survive the founding character's death

Here are some pages you might want to look at when considering if you want to play Arm:
* History of Armageddon (contains both back-history and history since players have been playing it).
* Detailed Information on the world of Armageddon
* People you can contact for help
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I think you should try Chiaroscuro (, as we have almost all of the elements that you're looking for. I'll go through them in the order you listed them.

Our staff is extremely friendly and available to the playerbase.
We have both an OOC area and an IC area. There is a newbie channel for newbie questions.
Our descriptions are very nice, and the world itself is very rich.
You tend to choose professions at the beginning of the game, but writing a biography and/or being nominated for excellent rp garners you more experience points to use however you wish, building up those skills the character would have.
The backstory is absolutely exquisite, combining post-apocalyptic, anti-magical, and traditional medieval elements in a fresh way.
We typically have around 10 characters in the afternoons, and around 20 in the evenings, often more.
Plots are run by both staff and players. Look at for examples.
While we don't have the ability to build one's own house, we do have a robust crafting system in which you can become a vital element in the production of supplies in the city-state.
We have a paging system, but also the ability to block individuals or to go haven, and not be paged at all.
Very few people go into fighting professions here. The majority of players are craftsmen, shop owners, entertainers, servants, or nobility.

While I'm currently in class, I can certainly offer to help show you around late Thursday night or Friday. Please email me at (or anyone else who is interested), and I'll be glad to work something out with you.

If you're interested in activity and such, look at for our newsletter, which also has links to other pages to help you see if you like the game. Be sure to look at the Player's Guide PDF at .

I hope to talk to you soon.
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You might give Shadows of Isildur a try - we're a Tolkien-based RPI. While we don't have as many players as some of the larger MUDs, we do hit anywhere from 30-40 most nights, and according to our graphs we usually average 15 online at any given time. You can find the URL to our website in my signature below.

The website has got some nice informational features you might appreciate, including full integration with the help database in the MUD, and an auto-updated listing of our crafts and recent changes to our code. The web forum is fairly active as well.

Last thing I will mention is that we've got a pretty sizeable group of experienced players that is specifically dedicated to help ease new players into the game. If you'd like to take a look at the roster to get in contact with a few of them, you can find it here.

At any rate, best of luck in your search!
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I would recommend trying out the Turning Point Mud ( ;
And heck, yes, if you wanted to come and try it out I’d be more than willing to help ya out and role play a bit, if not a lot. I started playing TP back in October and I have not once encountered a nasty or rude player or immortal (and I don’t think I’ve played an entirely sheltered character-life).
While TP doesn’t meet every criteria on your list of specifics, I believe it hits enough to warrant replying to you and putting it here. I’ll let you be the final judge of course -- the Mud’s website is a wonderful resource of information and has its own forums as well.

* Nice staff and players. Yes, a given.
* Role Play Intensive. Yes. Extreme? No. Especially when you’re a newer player, its realized that some ooc communication is going to be needed. As a newbie, you have access to a “newbie channel” which is ooc. As well, there is a channel “ooc” that can be used at any time during your playing experience, which is, obviously, meant for ooc matters and goes directly (and only) to the immortals. Character-to-character tells are also ooc. There are no ooc global channels.
* A detailed game world. Yep.
* A leveless and classless system. No. There are no actual levels in TP; players have no idea what their “typical” level would be: I.e. 2, 3, 10, 20, etc. However, there are level ranks which are based on experience gained through existing in the world and role playing and in certain, more rare cases, gaining actual experience through killing things. For example, a new character starts out with a rank of “Apprentice,” I believe, and through living in the world, experiencing new things and existing, can eventually reach the rank of “Master” or “Expert” (I’m not positive of the terminology, so don’t hold me to it). TP does have classes. You can read more about them on the website if you’d like; I wont bother getting all long winded about them now.
* Interesting backstory. Yes. There is also TONS of literature available to players about the world, both past and present. The game environment is EXTREMELY detailed and well-planned in an effort to give everyone a wholly in-depth experience.
* At least 10 or 15 players available to RP with. I’d say usually there are more. As with nearly any place and depending on the time of day you’re speaking of, there may sometimes be less.
* Building/owning you own home.  I am not completely sure about this one as I have never had opportunity to encounter it myself, but I’d say it’s probably very possible and something you could inquire about further if you’re really interested in it.
* A system to page players oocly. As I mentioned before, player tells are available and they are ooc. There is a quiet mode.
* A world that does not require fighting or killing to achieve a “successful” character. I’d say this is one of the best features to TP. “Mass murdering” is effectually un-allowed, and as well mindless killing to advance a character is not only reprimanded, it just does not work. You can be what you want to be, do what you want to do -- own a shop, raise a family, become a religious devout, publish works and be an author, become involved in a government, make a life as a sailor, work in an inn, clean the streets. Of course “success” is all relative to what you wish to achieve at any given place at any given time, but I would say that the characters I have encountered that have been the most successful, more plentiful (and the most interesting) have not been “fighters”.

Again, I’d check out the website if you’d like to learn more.
If you’re interested in logging on and would like to have a sure-fire person to role play with initially and with whom to get a feel of the game, feel free to email me at I can also be reached on aim; kaydee618.
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Thumbs up

I'm going to suggest Shadows of Isildur, granted I've only been playing there for a few days, but the people, when they stop there flurry of activities, seem to be generally helpful. It's a little overwhelming going into a new mud an I'm feeling like that now trying to learn everything, but I've always taken the learn by experiences route on Muds.

I have yet to see any unhelpful or unhappy side of this mud. And i promise you, i don't suffer that bullpucks well because after a time, you just _know_ when there's a problem with the management or the players. Usually i can gauge it within a few days. It's been a few days, and no problem

That would be my two cents Maybe I'll run into you Good Luck!
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I also would have to recommend The Turning Point (TP).  Of all the muds I have tried, including the others recommended in this thread, TP has had the most friendly and helpful players and staff of all of them.  The RP environment there is superb, and I believe you would find it highly enjoyable.  I can attest that you do NOT have to be a fighter to level, due to the passive XP system in place you can level quite easily without ever having to kill a single NPC.  Its hard to put the atmosphere into words but I promise you, some of the best and most fun RP you will have will be here.

To sum up:

** The staff is EXCELLENT.
** The RP is some of the best I've ever seen.
** The world is very well built and interesting.
** There is a class-based system, but you can always RP that you are learning it and the practice it as you RP along.
** The history of the world is very in depth and goes back quite a long time.
** There are usually a good amount of players around.
** There is always somekind of storyline going on, and many of them are player driven.
** Not too sure about building a house.
** The OOC communication system is great, and can be toggled on and off, plus no annoying global tells.
** Best of all you DON'T have to be an awesome PKer or Pleveler to advance in the game.

I of course am partial to TP cause it encompasses all the various features I like in a mud.  Of the things you are looking for, you might also try SOI.  I personally found their system for crafts and such to be quite difficult to master.  While the Imm staff was helpful I didn't get the feeling that they were wanting to help more than they were obligated to by their positions.  While the pbase has grown quite a bit since the last time I logged on, it seem like too many of the players were "clickish".  It was hard to get integrated into any of the RP going on, even after having logged 30 hours.

Now you didn't specify what type of genre you wish to play.  TP is a fantasy/midevil type mud, while SOI is strictly a Tolkein based mud.  I would encourage you to try out both to see which you like best.
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Well, there aren't many RPI MUDs to begin with (three of which I'll mention here). Most "role-playing MUDs" are sadly inadequate, with levels and experience points and everything else that screams "This is NOT RPI, THIS IS RPing with H&S code!". That's not to say they're not well-intentioned, but you did say you're looking for a MUD without levels or classes (and there is a good RPI MUD with classes: Armageddon, though I don't know why they don't just eliminate that aspect).

There are really only a few such MUDs in existance, one of which has already been mentioned: Shadows of Isildur. A real RPI MUD not one of the above-mentioned "role-playing MUD", Shadows of Isildur has everything you're looking for, though at present there's no sailing code in place. With a good-sized playerbase and the depth of Tolkien's world (quite popular right now), it's a fast-growing, well-detailed RPI that's just getting better and better.

Likewise, there's Harshlands, based on the Harn gaming world. Huge and filled with great detail, it's a real RPI with a world not dependent on levels and xp either (just the inclusion of which negates whatever "role-playing" there is since it creates inconsistency between players RPing and players leveling). And like Shadows of Isildur, thats' because levels and experience points have been removed from the game, leaving a world that you can fully inhabit just as if it were the real world (but like SoI, there's no sailing code here either).

With both Shadows of Isildur and Harshlands, you'll have to work to achieve your goals in your PC's life, but that's part of the realism of course. I highly recommend both of them over the few other RPIs that exist and a thousand-fold over the dozens of so-called "role-playing" MUDs out there. I've tried out over 850 MUDs and nothing matches the reality and detail of these two.

Hope to see you on either.

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I'm forced to suggest Armageddon, probably because this is where I spend most of my waking, non-working hours.

Put simply, Armageddon contains the harshest world, the richest history, the most tantalizing and well-crafted storylines, and the longest, most lauded history among roleplaying games today. Despite the fact that there are classes, there is no true competition in the world of RPI muds. And beleive me, this is a RPI mud. There are no OOC channels, no rebirth...nothing but stark realism.

The emote system is unmatched by anything out there, and the tool given you for the purpose of roleplay are also unmatched. From the grubbiest commoner to the richest Noble, life is hard, even in game terms. You can starve or can die to the fauna or hunt them intelligently.

While I do hesitate to say this for fear of appearing deriding, Armageddon contains the ultimate roleplay experience. While the other muds noted above have merit, they simply cannot profess to be on Armageddon's level as far as in-character quality. This is not to demerit SoI or TP. This is to say, in this player's opinion, that they simply cannot compete with Armageddon's history, roleplaying features, or sheer addictiveness.

In the forums, the players regularly engage in debates concerning the world at large. Reading through the posts, one thing becomes very apparent. We truly live in the world while we are online. Recent topics have included such subject matters as sandstorms, the mentality of muls, the racial hatred between the world's various species, and the validity of half-giant combative features. Put simply, it becomes apparent that the players almost breath this world.

We regularly boast 60-80 players during peak hours. Drop by Armageddon MUD.
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Old 02-15-2004, 11:52 AM   #11
The Vorpal Tribble
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I would also highly recommend Accursed Lands. It has everything you've specified exactly...

"Nice staff and players who welcome a smart and willing newlie to their ranks..."

We love smart and willing newlies

"Role Play Intensive (but not EXTREME...if you need to ask a quick question oocly, you do not get verbally beaten up!"

We are RP mandatory, though beat-up facor depends on who is on... most players are courteous, though there is a crank in every barrel, but they are usually reprimanded.

"A detailed game world (does not have to be huge)"

AL is detailed like you would not believe. Your perception skill and detail vision stat will also make the world seem more or less detailed depending on those two factors. And we are also huge to boot.

"A level-less and class-less system...skills are fine, but I want to learn them by study, just like in RL."

We are completely level-less and class-less, with hundreds of skills which are learned completely by doing them or watching it be done. You cannot even light a torch until you have practised using flint and steel for a time.

"An interesting backstory to the world..."

We have an extensive and original background and history to the land of Terrinor.

"At least 10 or 15 so players on that are available to RP with..."

We generally have from 15-30 players on at any given time, even in the wee dark hours.

"IMM Plots and player plots frequently..."

IMM plots aren't 'extremely' common, though 'player plots' are very common, from councils of the Verdant Isles to Warrior Tournaments.

"Ability to build/own houses would be great...."

Being able to build/own houses, tents, houseboats etc is still in the works, though you can rent tents and cabins.

"A system to page players oocly...but that can be turned off or put on busy mode..."

We have a mailing system that can be used for ooc or ic reasons, but you have to go to a town with a post office to do so.

"A world where you do not have to be a fighter or kill innocent woodland creatures to have a "successful" char. You can have a char goal to open a shop and have a family...or to be a entertainer...or a ship's captain...or a spy...or whatever."

We've had multitudes of successful characters that never even fought in their life, and metal workers and miners are in high demand at the moment, as are tailors.


All original races and theme of great depth.
Real unconsciousness and dreams as you sleep.
Realistic fighting with utterly no hit pool or the like, where if you are hit too hard you may go into a coma.

Too much too mention.

If Armegeddon doesn't work out for you, please try us and see if we're for you. I'll be glad to help you out with anything you need and show you around, no fee
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