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The History of Tirome

With few exceptions, there is rarely a family in Kirganthis that has suffered as much as that of Tirome. The Duchy of Tirome has always been one of the most powerful, if not the most upon the entire continent. With their vast land holdings, trade control and protective nature, wealth flowed to the family, and to those that served under them. Unfortunately, those who benefited from this wealth and power were greatly disliked and plotted against by the evil houses of Gelath, Reiger and of course, the despicable Brynn.

Tirome supported the allied human houses during the goblin wars and sent many forces to the war under the banner of the eagle. Due to their exceptional training and discipline, these units fared better, collectively, than those of other houses. In the times that followed after the wars, the soldiers of the other houses, despising their poor training and pay, began to spread strange rumors about the well trained soldiers of Tirome. These rumors undermined the Duchy and began to rally the remaining houses against that of the innocent Tirome.

Rumors continued to flow long into the unannounced siege led by the corrupt Wolf Knights of Lunarou. His Grace, Desmon Tirome was accused of atrocities ranging from murder to supplying the goblins with arms, money and secrets. Under a banner of truce, Desmon agreed to meet with the house leaders to discuss a peaceful end to this violence. The leaders immediately attacked his grace and arrested him. His trial, if one can call it such, was swift and he was hung in the commonerís square in the city of Ulaid after having his hard earned titles and land stripped from him. His body was then dismembered and sent to various cities and towns in Kirganthis as a warning to those that would strive to excel.

Even in the face of death and disgrace, the honorable and noble Desmon Tirome thought only of his family and the families of those that served beneath him. His son, Stephan, instead of also being killed and disgraced was sent with a retinue of soldiers into exile to live out the duration of his natural life. Those that served beneath him were given each a large sum of money so they could also live comfortably. Desmon died a proud and noble man and he lives on in spirit within us eternally.

Years later, the great-grandsons of Stephan plotted their revenge, the eldest, and "rightful" holder to the title of Duke, Stephen, found his way secretly back to the mainland and re-established the Concolor Guard and began the steps which were felt needed to gain a foothold once again for the Duchy of Tirome, among these were the deaths of the Duke of Gelathia, and the Baron of Riverdale and reportedly the heiress of Karathos as well. Openly proclaiming himself to be the Duke of Tirome, Stephen quickly gained many enemies, and vanished with no trace, leaving all to believe his death. His younger brother Trystram now serves in his place as the ducal seat, still out of favor with most of the lands of Kirganthis.

Once locked away in various places were the family jewels of the house, and their emblems, decorated in the dark yellow and blue of Tirome, and the blazon of the eagle, the family patron totem. While not flown openly in many places other than the newly constructed Keep of Tirome, there are those who swear to once again serve the fallen eagle.

Will you be one of these people? The name of Tirome has been tainted by the corrupt houses for far too long. And it is time, once again, for the Duchy to rise to greatness. Already, soldiers of the Concolor Guard have taken up arms to defend their Duke, and now the Duchy itself seeks to populate its ranks with noble members who will help it to become the house it once was. If you feel yourself drawn to this cause, visit or connect to port: 4444 and seek out a current member of the Duchy or the Guard as your training progresses. The Eagle will rise to soar once again...

* Note - The Duchy of Tirome accepts only humans into their ranks.
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