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Welcome to Age of Reptiles, the most unique and challenging roleplaying MUD on the 'net! Take on the role of a Deinonychus living on the ancient continent of Pangaea, where life is hard and your only goal is to live to see another sunset. Hunt the beasts of the Savannah using your skills as a predator, join up with your packmates to fell mighty creatures, or engage in intense pack-versus-pack warfare. Claim territory for your pack and then defend it to the death against ferocious raiders, and vie for dominance as the pack alpha. Utilizing our in-depth reproduction system, pair up with a mate and sire a clutch of fully-playable offspring.

Do you possess the animal cunning to survive in such a world? Will you feast, or will you starve? There are no shining swords here, nor golden armor. There is no mercy and no forgiveness. There is only one law: Kill or be killed. This is the Age of Reptiles.
After multiple openings and closings under myriad administrators, Age of Reptiles is back once again and under its original management.

Will it pull through this time? Well, that's up to you. AoR is in serious need of dedicated roleplayers to populate its packs and help get things back off the ground.

As stated in the introduction, AoR is set on the ancient continent of Pangaea and focuses heavily on pack interaction and conflict, with permadeath and an RPpoint-based level system.

It's most unique feature is the total lack of a 'say' command; all communication is done through emotes. Grunting, roaring, pointing, clawing... half the challenge at first can be just getting your friends to understand you!

Please come join us at, port 2020, and visit the forums at for more info. See you there!

- Razer, of Duskfall
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