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Talath Dirnen is a great MUD based on the GodWars derivitive
FE (Fallen Empires). Even though a full-PK MUD, they offer
roleplay channels and global emote channels to encourage more
roleplay between Immortals and mortals alike. Let me list some of the changes on this MUD.

- Highlanders have sub-classes (Snake's and Battlewizards)
Might seem odd for a HL, but they lack some HL perks but
gain it in other important areas making it balanced.

- RP and global emote channels

- Those stock spells do soo much more for players now, and
some are much needed while PKing
(Sitting there and fighting doesn't work, must have skill)

Stancing and Spells play the most important role when PKing
because if you are not outstancing your opponent, you could
get whooped by a 15k person with you having me
this has happened to me

Final comment, This is a great MUD and i recommend it to any
GodWars or FE fan. Considering they're not many FE MUDs
around anymore and this places is picking up more each day.
This is a fairly new MUD (2 months since public opening, but
actually has been in testing for longer) Clan Leader positions
are still available for some classes!

If you are looking for a MUD to just RP/chat, grow in power,
or fumble in the arts of PK ...Talath Dirnen is for you.

Glace, Sensei of Gadin no Majin

Port: 9999
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