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Old 12-30-2003, 12:16 PM   #1
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Address: port 3000

Our mud is a Wheel of Time based game, fully functional, with loads of features. It is a roleplaying and player-killing mud. Our different classes are:

ARCHER - While not strong at close combat, they have a particular ability to fire arrows up to 8 rooms. As far as classes go they are one of the more difficult.

ASSASSIN - Stealthy and deadly are two words synonmous with this class. Their deadly art allows them to make up for less combat abilities than warriors by dealing massive amounts of damage quickly, and outlasting their opponents.

CLERIC - Curative powers are never to be underestimated. With healing ability comes deadly powers as well. They defeat their enemies by remaining ever vigilant and healing themselves.

FORM MASTER - Almost completely not orientated with the True Source, they have made it up with an arsenal of deadly attacks.

ILLUMINATOR - Closely guarded is the deadly art of making bombs, and an Illuminator remains alive not by their ability to do damage. Instead they rely on their bombs and personal powers at avoiding damage. There are many bomb types that allow them to vary their styles.

MAGE - Extremely weak when it comes to physical combat, there is a tremedous storm that rages within. It burns with the One Power, and permits
them awesome use of this ability.

ROGUE - Thievery is an artform. While prefering to stay out of combat, they still manage to come out with a hefty profit.

WARRIOR - Straight weapon damage is what they rely on. No fancy tricks, or weaving of spells. They just do damage.

In addition to these classes, there are two enhanced classes: Dragon and Forsaken, attainable by the Immortals. We have many features which include:

-Hardcoded roleplaying system.
-Archery code.
-Legend feature
-Tournament War Code
-Remember/Forget code for typing look in rooms, where it will show you players descriptions until you greet yourselves!

We are a new mud but average around 5-10 mortals and 1-5 immortals on.  Please stop by, I am sure you will enjoy it! port 3000

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Old 12-30-2003, 01:03 PM   #2
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Just a description of some of the features:

The Roleplaying System:
Consists of Roleplaying experience, points, and levels. On our mud you can level by roleplaying OR the old style leveling from mobs. We have this because we like to provide variety.

Tournament War Code:
3 Players at the max level 75 who wish to practice fights can join a tournament, each number of kills they make has a rank title. People who achieve a great rank get automated prizes. Fun-filled-no-need-to-worry-PK.

People can purchase books of horseback riding and taming, then they can tame animals such as cows or horses and ride them. They can use SPUR: to travel 2 rooms at once, and increase their damage in combat, or REIN: to go back to normal riding.

Remember/Forget code:
Players will not see each other's names when they type "look". They will see A young andorian man, or A young cairhien woman. They can then rolepaly together and use the "remember" or "forget" command as they choose.

Legend Feature:
On our mud there is a unique level called Legend. Requirements for legend are gaining more hp, mana, gold, a specific amount of Rp levels. Legends can wear a special "Legend level" equipment for themselves.

More Features:
We have most of the Wheel of Time guilds/cabals that were from the books, and more to come once our pbase rises.

Archery Code:
With a quiver, arrow, and bow, a player can use the archery system. The commands are draw, and shoot , to shoot up to several rooms in distance.

These are just a few of the main features, the list is countless!
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