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Old 10-04-2002, 03:32 AM   #1
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I have been searching around for a rp mud for some time, and have yet to find one that I can call home. I am very particular however, and most of the ones I've tried I either don't click with, or I find lacking in some way. My main requirements are that it must be free, preferably level-less (though a skill-based leveling system may be fine, as long as I don't have to hack on mobs all day), medieval fantasy themed, and roleplay required.

Some pluses would be: detailed character creation, newbie friendly, a different type of combat system (rather than just "kill creature" and hacking them to pieces til they're dead, yet not too complicated), a well-designed world, the ability to abbreviate commands, and some form of ooc communication, though I'm not really fond of global channels.

Some muds I've already tried include The Inquisition, Dartmud, Southlands, Forever's End, and Cities of M'Dhoria. If you know of a mud that would fit what I've described, please feel free to suggest it...
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Wow, I was going to say all that. I just got done trying Cities of M'dhoria (rant: in which I ran into a major sell-low/buy-high store bug without even leaving the newbie area, not too mention all the typoes, poor help, and the fact that the keyword for objects don't always appear in their short descriptions). Geas looked like it might fit the ticket, but there were only 2 other players on when I went in.
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I have one word and a link to say to you: ArmageddonMud

I'll going to go through all the points that you mentioned saying how Armageddon incorporates them.

It's completely free, and levelless. If you want to create a character who is good at listening, sneaking around, seeing if anyone has entered the room. Then you can develop a character like that, however unless you also have him training his combat, s/he's going to suck, big time.

Cause I'm too tired and lazy to describe it, I'll pick a quote from it.
Originally Posted by ([url="" [/url] @ )]The world of Armageddon is known as Zalanthas. It is a harsh planet where only the fittest survive, and competition over extremely scarce resources causes constant strife, struggle, and bloodshed. Deserts cover most of its explored surface, and the great red sun can bring temperatures as high as 150 degrees during mid-day and as low as 60 degrees at night. Your character will face hardship often, and will probably even be killed, possibly at the hands of another player. If your character dies, he or she is dead -- permanently. However, you can always make another; just keep in mind that your new character will have no knowledge of your previous life.

Armageddon is, first and foremost, a role-playing game.
It has a detailed character creation system, with needing a main description, short description and a background. However it does have a waiting period of AT THE MOST 24 hours.

It's very newbie friendly with all of the documentation, as well as being able to e-mail players and ask questions or post on the message board your questions which the players and/or staff will answer.

The combat system is automatic. However there are some distinct differences. It doesn't show how much damage is done, it shows a description instead e.g. "you lightly graze the scrab on it's leg". You can however view your HP, Movement points as well as Stun points and be given a numerical value.

IMBO (in my biased opinion) it is extremely well written. It does have repetitive room descriptions, however out in the desert, this is on purpose to help make players get lost.

It does have the alias command (which allows you to set a complex string into a short word) with an emote system like no other.

It has very little OOC communication within the game. On the website is the General Discussion Board, where everyone goes and talks. The different sections within the board are:
* General Discussion
* World Questions
* Roleplaying Questions
* Code Discussions
* Helpful Hints
* Ask the staff
* Help, I'm a Newbie!
* Announcements
* Idle OOC Chatter
* General Clan Talk

For newbies, we often suggest you join the T'zai Byn which is a mercenary clan, because if you try to go and fight NPCs (aka mobs) chances are, you will die. If you go with a group of people, you'll probably be killed, then looted by them.

This probably sounds like a PK mud, but it isn't. The roleplaying is exceptional, and people will only try to kill you if it's IC. You don't have very many nice people, however quite a few won't kill you, at least not out in the open, they'll hire assassins, or plant illegal drugs on your body so the templarate can find you and execute you.

Hope to see you in Armageddon.
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Old 10-04-2002, 10:59 AM   #4
The Vorpal Tribble
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Thumbs up

Hi dionae, I agree that Armegeddon would be a good choice, but if your looking for another style I strongly recommend Accursed Lands ( It is RP mandatory and also free and leveless and has all original races. No hobbits or elvensses here. You are not required to pick a class, being able to choose any profession, just that certain species are not mentally or physically suited to certain tasks, but will eventually succeed given enough time and effort.

Accursed Lands is an LP MUD with a straightforward command structure and a 100% original theme. We try to maintain an air of Gothic low fantasy, and guarantee even our humans are unique. Terrinor is a place where magic is strange and dangerous, science is another superstition, few dare venture forth into the wilderness and demons are very real.

Realism and detail is incredible, and everything has a history or story behind it.

If wanting more details on what AL has to offer just do a search for Accursed Lands and click on our info. Far too much to mention here.

Good luck
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Old 10-04-2002, 12:32 PM   #5
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Untamed lands might be a place you could call home
it fits most of what you are asking for. We would love to have you stop by and see, or just pop in and yell at me hi there <G> If you see sargon you can bug him all you like! he loves to help were he can. The webpage and a player done webpage about the game are:
the IP and port are: : 4321

hope to see you there and have a good day
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Only thing that she asked for that Armageddon isn't, is Medieval fantasy. Armageddon is a cross between the DnD world of Dark Sun, the Thieves' World novels of yonder year with a good smattering of Dune thrown in for good measure.

Not to say that it's derivative (I find its environment to be the most original I've ever played), but it certainly isn't medieval fantasy.

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Hm. I hesitate to recommend the MUD I play because it is ten bucks a month, but there is a free week-long trial. But since your first requirement was that the MUD should be free, well. I'll give it a shot anyhow because I truly love the game, and enjoy seeing new players around.

Every other requirement you listed is supported by Dragon's Gate. There is a skill based level system, and many of the skills aren't class restricted and actually support RP instead of hack-n-slash. The RP atmosphere is astonishing, and there are no global channels for OOC chatter. There are OOC and IC forums to post in, so if you're interested you can go to these forums to check it out.

I really could go on all day about this game. Which, on some levels, is kind of scary. Anyway. Have fun and good luck in your search!

Courtney, player of Jezimai
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