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Most people would still call me a MUD newbie...but i do know all the main commands and concepts of MUDs. The only problem now is finding one i can play, and enjoy --- to stay with and not just use for a week or so. RPG is a must. the amount of players on at once is not that big of a concern, as long as its more than like 10 at a time, because its no fun playing by yourself . I kind of want it to be original, even though its not like i memorized the stock anyways (if that made sense). also, i want there to definatly be a magic system with different races and classes. Please help me by suggesting MUDs that i could play. Thank you.
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We have a nice mud at Adventures Unlimited. Mostly original world, over 9000 rooms, automapper, unique skills and spells, a nice selection of races and classes, great players and responsive staff and more...

Adventures Unlimited
or telnet to port 5000

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Try checking out the following:

Avendar: The Crucible of Legends (RP/PK)

Carrion Fields (RP/PK)

Abandoned Realms (RP/PK)

Aabahran: Forsaken Lands (RP/PK)

As the Wheel Weaves (RP/PK in arenas)

I've played extensively on all of the above (except Carrion Fields, where my stay was fairly short) and all have their good points to offer.

If you're looking for something away from "standard" elves, dwarves, etc, try out Avendar. They have a whole bunch of races that just dont fit in to the common mold as such. The Shuddeni and Ch'Taren in particular stand out as good examples. The RP standard on here is among the best I've seen.

As the Wheel Weaves is based on Robert Jordans Wheel of Time books. It's a fun place to play, although "real-time" RP tends to be fairly rare. This may have changed since I last played however.

Carrion Fields, Abandoned Realms, and Forsaken Lands all offer a similar style of game interpretted in different ways. You'll find standard D&D favourites like elves, drow, dwarves, giants, etc, along with a few unusual creations thrown in.

I've put down the web addresses rather than the telnet addresses, as a good way to get a feel for a MUD is to examine their website and forums.

Hope this helps you find somewhere you can call home!
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Being as open as you are to the available features, your best bet may to be use the search function of the mud database and check out a few websites, then log in and try out a few different muds.  Look through the past ads for players and see if any of them catch your interest, thats what they are posted for.  Asking for a mud with different races and not stock is bound to get a laundry list thrown at you.
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The Vorpal Tribble
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I would suggest Accursed Lands if you want RP and originality. Our races are even original (except perhaps the humans and goblins, but even they have a very detailed an indepth theme unlike any other). Every race has a history and highly detailed theme. And we are very reality based. No hit points or pool or anything like it. If you get too badly harmed in the arm it will break or be bruised too much to move. You will then drop what is in that arm and lose feeling. If you get hit too hard, your arm is ripped off. With your legs, you will fall and unless very skilled, at the mercy of your attacker. Lose the leg... you wont be standing for a long time. Lose a head, well, your a goner. Much much more of course, you can see what all we have at:

If this doesn't meet your fancy I would also suggest Armegeddon. It has many of the standard races such as elves and dwarves, but is still very original and interesting.
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I suggest you follow Tavish's advice, however you might not feel like visiting a ton of websites.

I also suggest you give ArmageddonMUD a try. It meets all of your criteria, if in it's own way.

It also has an Ad page but IMO that tends to be a bit hyperbolic, not inaccurate, just extremely biased (it IS an advert after all), so I'll try to give an unbiased description of how it relates to what your after. (I'll also avoid describing it in detail, but try to summarise it for you )

It's an RolePlaying Intensive Mud. That means there is NO Out-of-Character talk within the mud, except when helping newbies or arranging times or saying "got to go for 2mins"

Definitly original. It is based in a post-apocalyptic world which was nearly destroyed by magick. It is extremely harsh and dangerous. Code is DIKU based however it has been modified a TON. Room Descriptions are all original (although room descs are repeated, this is to increase a sense of loneliness when out of the desert)

Magick System
While yes it does have a magick system, magickers aren't open to newbies straight away. The reason for this is everyone hates magickers because they nearly destroyed the world, among other reasons. There are places where magickers are killed upon discovery, other places where magickers are allowed as long as they don't cast magick within the area of the city and there is a city where magickers can go and (for the most part) be protected by the law (although the law is completely crooked). You are allowed to play a magicker after a while, it varies for everyone (because some people find it easier to adapt to the game than others) however you can send in a special application for a magicker anytime you want, and a staff member will read it and consider it (they'll give you feedback if your rejected and allow you to re-apply any amount of times you like).

Original Races
At first glance ArmageddonMUD would appear to have _very_ generic races. Here is the list of known sentient races:
* Humans
* Elves
* Dwarves
* Half-Elf's
* Half-Giants
# Halflings
# Gith
# Mantises

The last 3 were once open to players, however some changes were made (as it use to be 30% RP and 70% H'n'S) that caused the playerbase to drop. There has been a slow increase in players, so one day when there are more players they will be re-opened.

The races however are not your generic type. Elves don't trust anyone and will steal from everyone. Dwarves are completely hairless and will devote their lives to one goal doing anything to complete it and once completed will get a new goal. Half-Elves are hated by everyone so they have complex psychological issues causing them to want acceptance while wanting independance. Half-Giants are slow-minded, easy to fool and tend to mimic others.

Original Classes
The classes in Armageddon are very generic, however this it has a level-less system. The skills each class has are also extremely original. Also, just because you choose to be class X doesn't mean you have to act a certain way. Classes are just a way for you to choose which skills you'll be able to have in the game. No-one can see what your class is.

During onpeak times the mud generally has 40-60 ppl online. During offpeak times it varies (depending how close it is to onpeak time) and can have anything from 60 ppl to 2 ppl.

Hope you find a mud you enjoy, and let us know which mud you end up choosing and why.
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