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I came across a mud recently that runs the AD&D 3.5 edition rule set that I found enjoyable ... unfortunately ...

It is dead
The staff is never around
and it is far from being completed (lack of areas, items, etc)

However, if it ever gets close to completion it looks to be a fantastic mud.

In any case, I was wondering if there was any more mu*'s out there that were similar to it.

Basically this mu* was just like playing a table top version of AD&D 3.5 rule set.

You had your feats, skills, (they were working on prestige classes), races, classes ... everything worked just like 3.5.

So basically that is what I am looking for, something that plays just like 3.5.

It would need to be of the following code bases:

Circle/Rot/Rom/Diku/Envy/EoS(something along those lines)

I might consider a custom mud ... I def. do NOT want a smaug / SWR / Godwars / Mush-Muck-Lp-Tiny,
type of mu* ... I am sorry I have just never been a big fan of those bases.

I would not like a RP enforced mud (encouraged is fine!.

I would also not like a pure pk mud (I find pk brings out the worst in people more often than not).

If anyone has any suggestions that would be wonderful!


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