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Old 08-20-2004, 10:54 PM   #1
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Someone asked on a recent thread about rogues.  If you've played stock MUDs, you've probably come to think of thieves as "weak warriors with Hide and Steal".  Thus, you probably begin yawning at their mention.  But alas, there is hope for fans of thieves.

See, the word "thief" can mean a lot of things on <span style='color:"red"'>Carrion Fields</span>.  We're fond of plugging our intra-class diversity, and thieves are an example of that.  It's very similar to a classless system within a class system- they're all "thieves", but you'd never know it if you compared the skills and daily lives of two very different ones.

Broadly, different guilds train different types of thieves.  For example, one guild might specialize in poisons.  They could teach you some basics (using a dagger, hiding in shadows, etc.), but they're really good for teaching you some concoction and application skills.  One you have those, you can explore a bit, and find the kind of well-hidden shops and natural sources of ingredients for poisons.  From there, you can experiment with different combinations of ingredients ("One vial of whisper spider venom, one dose of marshweed paste, a touch of jellyfish toxin...", and test the effects.  (Like the rare and feared  Mind Control toxins, which drug a victim into a hypnotic state, and render them vulnerable to the power of suggestion.. the thief's most diabolical whisper might become a battle of wills.)

Now, different guilds may also have political structures.  You might swear fealty to the Bandit King of Hamsah Mu'Tazz, begin donating money and goods to the guild's coffers, and earn yourself protection and alliance within that desert town. (This is useful, since the Sultan of Hamsah Mu'Tazz has a particularly draconian outlook on the law, and you may very well need those allies.)  however, don't expect any favors from the Kingpin of Galadon, or any of the henchmen he has lurking just out of your vision.  The Bandit King might let you know that Saraiyah (the local guildmaster) knows just about everything about the fine art of kidnapping- knocking your mark out, tying them up, transporting them where you want them, and maybe robbing them blind on the way.

But Saraiyah doesn't know a thing about poisons, you see.  All that stuff I talked about above, with the poisons?  That's one guild.  We've got a bunch.  Of course we do.  We're frickin' <span style='color:"red"'>Carrion Fields</span>.

"But I wanted to learn about poisons, and I just spent all that time learning all these binding skills!"  I hear you.  That whole paragraph about poisons above did sound pretty cool.  I feel your pain.  But fear not... just find a guildmaster who's willing to teach you.  You can mix and match all you like... if you pay the price.  See, that thief over there who does nothing but learn about kidnapping is going to be daaamn good at it.  You can dabble in poisons, and maybe come up with some combination skills ("It can be pretty hard to knock out a giant with brute force... maybe I could concoct some basic knockout poisons to help me out there."), but it'll take a little away from your life as a pure kidnapper.

Joining one of these guilds isn't the end of who you are, either.  We're a roleplaying game, and multi-dimensional characters are the order of the day.  You can be a guild member in good standing, and a member of a cabal like the Scions of Eternal Night, and a marked devotee of a religion, and an active bounty hunter, and....  Right.  Thieves.  I digress.

Like your thief burly and deadly with a knife?  We got that.  Got the patience to design traps from hundreds of possible components?  We got that.  See yourself as the smooth, sly type who knows every nook and cranny of our sprawling cities?  We.... yeah, you get the point.  I don't even know how many thief skills we have total, other than "a whole lot".

So stop by, and try to rob, lie, sneak, intimidate, hide, and smoove your way to the top.  Just leave your RL money at home, because <span style='color:"red"'>Carrion Fields</span> is absolutely free(*).  And if you get stabbed, blackballed out of your guild, outfoxed, or otherwise flummoxed (**)... well, our name is a good indication that we're not afraid of a little rough play.  Get back on your feet, realize it's a level playing field where you can do anything they can, and plot your revenge.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

And.. oh, yeah.  I wrote all that about thieves.  Thieves are one class.  We have 16.  Come by and look.

The Carrion Fields Website

(Or just pop onto, port 9999.  There's no lengthy account process.... no credit card... no pre-approval waiting... you can just play.)

(*) And by "free", we mean "RL money has zero impact on the game.  It won't do you a #### bit of good.  No subscriptions.  No fees.  No arms race of paying for perks."  We like to use that definition of "free".  Don't be fooled by other definitions of it!

(**): I admit that I just like saying "flummoxed".
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As a God of Thieves on <span style='color:"red"'>Carrion Fields</span>, I just wanted to point out that because we do have a Cabal opposed to civilization on principle, it's also becoming an increasingly valid role to play a non-city-based thief as well  the more urban pickpocket/counterfeiter (one of the several guilds) that Valg mentioned and most people are familiar with.

Personally I prefer poisons.

You can learn more about our Thief diversity in the Carrion Fields Beginner's Guide

Come join us, you might just be the next Kingpin or Godfather!

Qaledus, Staff Member of Carrion Fields
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Old 08-23-2004, 07:28 PM   #3
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I have been mudding for years and I have always avoided the thief/rogue class like the plague.  They always seemed like one trick ponies; stay hidden, attack with a huge amount of damage and try and kill someone with one or two skills.  But in recent years the Carrionfields mud has made huge progress towards their thief/rogue class that is above and beyond things I have seen on other muds.  The rogue classes have around 60 unique skills that aren't available to other classes.  You could play 10 different thieves and come up with something entirely different each time around.

- You can devote your life to becoming a conventional thief, the man with the quick hands who lightens your mark's purse in a crowded marketplace.

- You can become a cuthroat who makes his living pilfering through the corpses of his most recent foes.

-Rule the crowded roadways with homemade traps and prey upon unsuspecting travelers along the great roads of Thera.

-Dabble in the poisons and stealthily poison your enemies food or perhaps you are more sinister than even that and break them down with a mind control poison so that they must do your bidding.

-And of course there is my favorite.  The binder thieves who are the masters of kidnapping in which they utilize a variety of trussing skills to totally incapacitate their enemies.

-And of course you can mix and match any of the aforementioned "thief paths" to some degree and make something totally unique.

By far the best rogue class structure I have seen on any mud.
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Old 08-27-2004, 05:49 PM   #4
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The options for all the ways you can customize your thieves
in CF is very impressive.  But, what I enjoy most about thieves
in CF, is the roleplay aspect.  The major guilds all have a leader
position (Kingpin, Bandit King, etc) who can effect the direction
a guild can go, RP wise.  They can declare war on other thieves
guilds, or even on the major cabals.  It's really limited only by
the players imagination's.  Very fun stuff.

Check it out at:

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Old 08-28-2004, 05:02 AM   #5
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Molly will become famous soon enoughMolly will become famous soon enough
That sounds like a very interesting concept, Valg.

In fact, so interesting that it makes me tempted to play your mud, to see if there are any other nice ideas that I could stea… - oops!  - I mean get inspired from. (Oh well, I always play thieves characters, that must have been a gut reaction).

On the other hand I don’t really have the time to play. So I think I’ll just steal a bit of your advertising space insted, to tell a little of what my own mud, 4 Dimensions, has to offer those rogue characters. After all, we are all thieves here, aren’t we?

We too have a system of classes, because we think that makes it easier to balance out the skills against one another, but mainly because it encourages both RP and player interaction.

And one illustration of the player interaction would be our Gypsy Class, which is one of our three Rogue Classes. Now Gypsies have the same stealth and lock-pick skills as the traditional thieves, even though they don’t get quite as good at stealing as the real thieves. They even have some simple conjuring tricks, even though they don’t get nearly as good at this as the real spell-casting classes. And naturally they are not nearly as good in single combat as the fighting classes, since they prefer to advance by sneakier methods.

But above all they have the two class-unique skills, ‘tinker’  and ‘woodsing’, which are the reason why a well played gypsy can end up as the richest player in the game. Tinker is relatively simple. You tinker a blade to enhance the edge and increase the damage. There is of course always a chance that you strike a false blow and shatter the blade, and the operation always shortens the life-length of the weapon considerably. But you don’t need to tell your customers that, do you?

Woodsing is a bit more complex. There are lots of trees all over the realms, in all 4 Dimensions of our world. Trees can be chopped down and sold as timber for a fair price to a lumberyard by any player. All you need is a good axe and the skill ‘lumberjack’, which you acquire through a rather goofy quest – (those of you who have seen the Monthy Python sketches will probably know what I am hinting at).

But a very small percent of the trees are magic trees.  They start out as a sapling and then they grow very slowly, saving over crashes and reboots until someone chops them down for timber - or a Gypsy with the Woodsing skill sings to them. Then they turn into a magic staff, and the older the tree is, the more powerful the staff will be. So the enterprising Gypsy will first have to find a magic tree among all the others in the forest, and then either try to keep the location secret, or protect it with various methods until it grows old enough. Because there will always be some nasty players that want to stand in the way of free enterprise, prevent the mages from getting really powerful tools, or just hog the easy profit for themselves, by selling the trees as timber. The best staffs are made from petrified trees, which are really old, and consequently not very common.

The Gypsies cannot use the staffs themselves, only the spell-casting classes can. In 4D spell-casters don’t use weapons or traditional armour. Instead they focus their mental powers through either an orb or a staff. The orbs are pretty easy to get, the staffs, which are a lot more powerful, can only be bought from a Gypsy. Which is why Gypsies usually end up stinking rich.

As for the thieves that want to choose the path of an assassin, there are some very useful skills called ‘strangle’, ‘throttle’ and ‘garrotte’.  These skills can only be learnt by a tier 3 thief, who applies as apprentice to Don Giuliano Orsini, the head of the most powerful ‘bravo’ Family in the city Fenizia. This infamous city is not easy to enter, or even to find, but to the thieves it should not hold any secrets. Because Fenizia is also the only place where you can acquire and learn the use of the poisons and antidotes that most thieves like to use in their shady trade. The Fenizians have been poisoning each other or stabbing each other in the back for generations, and sometimes they hire a bravo to do the dirty work. So being an apprentice to the illustrious Orsini Family is no walk in the park, but it is well worth the effort.

That’s a few of the features for rogues in 4 Dimensions. You can find out about all the other features we have by trying us out. It won’t cost you a dime. Like Carrion Fields, our mud is a 100% *FREE* mud. No ‘donation equip’, no pay-for-perks, no trial period, no hidden agenda. Your skill as a player is the only thing that matters in 4 Dimensions.
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Old 09-04-2004, 10:58 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by Molly O'Hara,Aug. 28 2004,05[img[/img]2]
I always enjoy your posts, Molly.

Our dwarves have a 'forgecraft' ability that is similar to your 'tinker', but our thieves who want to get rich do so by using a 'counterfeit' ability which allows them to create copies of items and dupe people.

Even if you only have a little while to play, feel free to stop by and check us out.

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Old 11-23-2004, 02:50 PM   #7
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Thumbs up

Come check us out!

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