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Old 01-11-2003, 01:47 PM   #1
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Adventures Unlimited has been open for 4 years now and we are attempting to increase our
player base. Currently we have 15-25 people online during most hours of the day with
30-40 online during peak hours. We have a solid encouraged roleplaying mud (player killing
factions are roleplay enforced) and would like to see our clan and temple system fill out more.

Our address:
telnet: port 5000

The following is a player testimonial that was posted on our general note board recently and
explains a little about AU.

Adventures Unlimited is a medieval fantasy game that has more to offer than
your average mud. The first thing I noticed when I entered Adventures Unlimited
for the first time, other than the OUTSTANDING automapper, was the friendly
playerbase. I was immediately greeted by several people that offered to answer
all my questions. The immortal staff is composed of a bunch of friendly,
hard-working individuals that try to make the most they can out of Adventures
Unlimited. After seeing the temple system, the entitlement system, the optional
restricted-playerkilling sytem, unique well-balanced classes and a mostly original
world of about 10,000 rooms, you can see that their dedication has paid off.
Roleplay is generally encouraged and ENFORCED if you join the pk system, which is
composed of many clans and loners. Adventures Unlimited supports ANSI and saves
equipment on exit. Adventures Unlimited also hosts special events such as immortal
ran quests and the Days of Redemption where the clans battle for control of the bank.
There is also an unlimited amount of quests you can do so the fun NEVER stops
If you have time come by and give it a try and I GUARANTEE you wont be disappointed!
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Old 01-12-2003, 04:13 PM   #2
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Thumbs up

On top of what Ytrewtsu said, we have 16 races and 9 classes (one more in the works). We also have 15 different religions, of all alignments (one more may come in the near future). There are curently 8 player run clans, plus Loners, Outcasts and the Mayor of our major city.

And I always need to plug the website
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Thanks for posting the website, I logged on yesterday to read helpfiles and whatnot and try to get a feel for the game. Having a webpage is a bonus, because I don't have to confuse everyone who chats me 100 things when I enter by not responding to them.

I'm a bit too hardcore in my roleplay, and am not a big fan of global channels.
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