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Satan's Reign is an 'Extremely Modified Paradox RoT' mud and has undergone weeks and weeks of extreme coding. Our environment is such that one can immerse themselves in PK within a relatively short time of play, however, becoming skilled at PK is something that takes practice.

Most paradoxes lack the dedication, changes, enhancements, and good Immortals and therefore collapse within a few weeks at most.  Our paradox has none of this!  We plan to be existent for a very long time.  We would like to invite all old "paradox lovers and players", as well as the new players who seek a fully functional PK environment.

Here is a list of the features on our mud:

Dynamic Objects that receive special attributes randomly.  When a player goes to kill a mob, the quality of the item depends on how easy the mob was to kill, his luck, how he kills the mob, how long it took for him to kill the mob, etc.  Our item system is very unique and brilliant!

Enhance objects you discover from mobiles with resources found in game.  Players can find different resources such as ore, iron, etc. in different areas.  They can use these resources to further advance their armoury and weapons.

Improved forging system, making your own objects. One can fully design their own equipment for a cost, with unique weapon flags, damage nouns, statistics, etc.

Enhanced Automated Quest System.  On our mud, there are different "quest slots" that a player can buy.  If you have 2 quest slots, you can try to complete 2 quests at the same time...A player can purchase up to 5 quest slots, specifically designed for the quest lover!

Insurance for objects.  Players can own safety deposit boxes to store their items and money in so you don't lose it when you die, but beware, you can only save a few!

PK Ranking system, tracks all recent pks and a leaderboard.  One can see rankings of pk as well, to see who is the best and who they should fear!  There is a special Pk point system too, and there are pk ranks!

Leveling specs 3 Tiers, 101 mortal levels.  Wizards, Blades, Deathmasters, Vicars, Neromancers, Sensais, and more!  Plenty and plenty of races all with different set of unique statistics and some with unique skills too!

Skils/spellsMany, many skills for each class.  Hours and hours have been spent on adding and thinking of new skills/spells, enjoy!

Resistance system that affects how much damage you take.  There are 12 resistance stats: Physical, Nature, Mental, Energy, Holy,Death, Acid, Cold, Water, Fire, Lightning, and Poison. Having a high percentage is what to look for, and a low percentage to avoid.  Everyone starts off at 0% in each resistance when they begin, but for each 25 levels, each resistance decreases by 5%. Some equipment and spells can help increase resistance.

Statistics Tracking Many statistics are tracked for your character.  Statistics, whois, score, etc.  Example of the statistics command:

Combat Statistics
Most Damage ever with Weapon: 290
Most Damage ever with Skill : 113
Most Damage ever with Spell : 384
Total Damage ever Dealt     : 15204
Total damage ever Received  : 8151
Total Successful Hits       : 55
Total Misses                : 78
Mob Kills: 446   Mob Deaths: 0
Last person attacked: Caesar
To-Hit Percentage: 690%
Skill Statistics
Most used skill: peek [61]
Most used spell: renewal [37]

Common commands as pretitle, enhanced finger/whois, gocial/gmote.

Please stop by at port 6000! Remember, sometimes in order to gain respect, you have to murder people in brutal ways!
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