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The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.
A world of kings, queens, and Aes Sedaiówomen who can tap the True Source and wield the One Power.
At the moment of Creation, the Creator bound the Dark One away from the world of humankind, but more than three thousand years ago, Aes Sedai, then both men and women, unknowingly bored into that prison outside of time. The Dark One was able to touch the world only lightly before the hole was soon sealed over. But the Dark One's taint settled on saidin, the male half of the Power, and every male Aes Sedai went mad. In the Breaking of the World they destroyed civilization and changed the very face of the earth, sinking mountains beneath the sea and bringing new seas where land had been.

Now only women bear the title Aes Sedai, men still are born who can learn to channel the Power, or worse, who will channel one day whether they try to or not. Doomed to madness, destruction, and death by the taint of the saidin, they are hunted down by the Aes Sedai and gentled, cut off forever from the Power for the safety of the world.
For more than three thousand years, while empires rose and fell, nothing has been so feared as a man who can channel. But for all those three thousand years there have been the Prophecies of the Dragon, that the seal of the Dark One's prison will weaken and he will touch the world once more, and the Dragon, who sealed up that hole, will be Reborn to face the Dark One again. A child, born in sight of Tar Valon on the slopes of Dragonmount, will grow up to be the Dragon Reborn, the only hope of humanity in the Last Battle.

Explore new lands in search of lost treasures and artifacts. We have more than 10,000 rooms open and many more on the way.
Pit your skills in battle against the trolloc horde or the human infestation!
Roleplay you character to its fullest potential and gain acceptance to and possibly lead one of our numerous clans!
For the darkside we offer the following clans:
Draghkar (soon to come)
with hard work and much dedication trollocs can first become master then eventually become Myrddraal or Gray Men.

For the Lightside we offer:
queens Guard
White Tower
Green Ajah (more Ajah in the works)
Murandian Calvary
There is rumor of secret clans
With much hard work a human can eventually become master then possible a Blademaster or those who choose to abandon the Light and serve Shai'tan can eventually become Dreadlords, the most fearsome of the generals of the Army of the Night.

Our races::
Aiel (soon to come)

Our classes:
Channeler (we have a very wot themed channeling system)

We have very friendly players and Immortals, so if you decide to log on and give us a try you will be welcomed and offered help if you wish it.

So will you stand as a last bulwark against the Shadow as a human, riding your warhorse into battle against the Trolloc Hordes? Or will you choose the darker path, crushing bones and ripping flesh as a bloodthirsty Trolloc bent on wiping humanity from the face of the earth?

The choice is yours. The Last Battle is coming... which side will you be on?
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