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ScourgeX is on a distinguished road
We do too!

We have several hundred levels and challenge areas to keep even the
most die hard player busy for a long time, plus you pick up new spells
and skills as you advance. After certain challenges, you can gain new
spells groups suited for your base class, or choose a group suited for
one of the three other basic classes to customize your character.

Our world is designed for long term expansion with four continents
and two time periods in order to accomodate many different types of areas.
We even have separate planes for the areas that don't fit anywhere
else. We have a good mix of new areas and old favorites for all to

We have made some significant changes so far in 2006, the biggest
is that we have removed pkill and added specific arena areas for those
who still want PvP combat. Some other changes this year are:
- random chance of getting new "hours up" spell when you complete a
quest that increases your experience.
- improved some skills and spells
- non-human races now have at least one race skill
- more areas, including three arena areas that give you an experience
bonus when you level in them
- six new spell groups

For those of you that have never visited SOT, here is a short list
of our more popular features: Casino, Legend levels, powerup to counter saves,
lockers, quests, limit breaks, and hundreds of skills and spells (some of
which are best used in certain situations).

If you are a fan of ROM muds, a new mudder starting out, or just like
playing new muds, please check us out!

-Scourge and Clare
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