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The Vorpal Tribble
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Hiyas, was wondering if some of you are just a bit tired of the same old types of muds?

Hack and slash, raid the goblin keeps, raise XP, gain levels.... whats the point

Elves... dwarves... giants... halflings...

If this has just gotten old for you I have a different MUD in mind to tell you about. Its name is Accursed Lands.

The one thing we have tried hard to do is make it different, but not JUST different, better to.

We are roleplay mandatory. Realistic roleplay. In AL the players treat even the npc townspeople as real. If you touch them, a player guard may soon be on your tail (perhaps literally depending on your race) and bring you to justice.


Our races are all original, most never having appeared in any other kind of mythology of any kind. We have three races that are known. Human, goblin and gargoyle. The similiarity ends with the names however. Humans are not even completely similiar to humans as you know them. Nor are goblins evil, war making brutes. They are actually quite pitiful in their own way, sullen paranoid and anti-social... but not evil by most standards. Nor are our gargoyles made of stone or powerful beaters of the air. The rest of our 13 races are completely original.

13 races?! Who in the world needs THAT many some have said. Well, what they don't know is that half a dozen of our races were 'created' by other races during a war three hundred years ago to fight and then were released or escaped. Even our humans and another race called the aquapurae evolved from another one of our playable races, called the braman, millenia ago. And the braman themselves, by accidental alchemical experiments, evolved a sentient plant-based race that were the ones who continued work using it and a mixture of magic to create their slaves during the wars that they started. The history of the world is indeed many faceted and in depth.


There are no classes because if in real life are you strictly made to keep to any one expertise? Not in my part of the world.

Goblins may have a low ability to puzzle out riddles and their sensitivty to magic quite low, but they are still capable of eventually, by sheer stubborness, learning its many twists and unstable folds.

Our bramans are capable of learning the ways of warfare though their society is completely pacifistic and aloof.

There are no unnatural restrictions in AL, with quite a bit of extra abilities to do, such as alchemy and magic.

The World:

Terrinor is a mess. The magic used during the wars between the two races was made to backfire by yet a third, aquatic race, that just wanted to see if they could. The result was magic became chaotic and deadly. This resulted in the world nearly shattering, and much of the continents were split into bits. Because of this chaos infecting the world, not to mention the results of a world wide catastrophe, most of the races are merely striving to survive, even after 300 years. The result was magic brought the dead to life, caused mutations in plants, animals and sentients, and generally altered the entire world to be a place where you strive, nay, MUST adapt or you'll not last long. Cities were built merely to keep out the horrors and trade is usually done by only those that are tough or canny enough to live passing through the wilderness. Because of this we call ourselves a MUD with a low-gothic fantasy theme. Dark, startling, and unmerciful, but not corny like so much gothic settings now-adays.


Our claim to realism fame is also the way our skills are done. You learn by watching or doing. We also have damage in the game, such as your sword will not last forever and must be repaired or it'll eventually fall apart from rust and/or battle damage. Your torches will not burn forever, nor will your lamps unless you replace the oil. You cannot even light these unless you have learned the basics of starting a fire.


Our battle system is likewise unique and realistic with no hit points, no hit pool or anything of the kind. Your health and weight stat determines how much damage you can take from weapons, fire, disease or blood loss and also on your race. Each part of your body (limbs, body, head, and, possibly, tail) has an ammount of damage it may take. If you get too badly wounded in a limb it will cease to function, causing you to either fall if its a leg (if you only have two that is) which effects how fast you can move, to dropping whats in your hand if your arm is crippled. Body or head is hurt too badly and you go comatose. If the damage is severe you can loose the limb, and if its the body or head your dead.


Our wilderness is unlike most any other you'll ever see, with light levels effecting how far you can see and how well you can do anything within it. We have herbs that can be gathered depending on the terrain, along with basic materials such as wood and the like to obtain, generally with our logging skills. We even have three moons that go through their own phases and cast their own ammount of light. We have a vast subterranean area that is actually larger than all of the above world put together. We have oceans and lakes, rivers and swamps.

The players who play Accursed Lands are dedicated and the staff intelligent and quick to implement many ideas that players come up with.

We would like you to join our MUDding family. Many friendships have been made, though they're characters may be mortal enemies.

I'll be glad to meet with you and help you if you want to try it out. May Yuzla's rays be shielded from your walk.
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