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Old 01-06-2004, 03:00 PM   #1
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Prufrock is on a distinguished road

Here are some major things i look for in a MUD (aside from the usual thing's one would expect from a good mud, such as stability, responsible IMMs, good pbase etc )

1.) Emphasis on player unity/teamwork for sucess.
2.) Potential for character developement- ie. not everyone level 100 warrior is going to be same.
3.) No maximums on base stats.
4.) Random equipment (this one being the kicker)

I'm definately not looking for a power-leveling MUD. Instead, i am looking for one that takes careful planning and deliberation in order to build a desired character. Suggestions do not necessarily have to encompass all the above criterias.

My searches have been fruitless thus far, and i'm getting desperate so any suggestions are welcome.  The realities of my real life are beginning to set in and...they're...scary...
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Old 01-06-2004, 07:05 PM   #2
Angel Kenji
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I invite you to come and check out AVATAR MUD. telnet:// port 3000

AVATAR MUD is currently in its ninth year of operation, and is Merc-Diku based, heavily modified over those nine years. We boast over 150 unique areas, and are in the process of removing the last of the stock areas.

Emphasis in our game is on group play and teamwork. Experience bonuses are given for diverse groups, and classes are well-balanced.

We currently have three tiers of character play:

Low Mortal - lwhich is the first 50 levels. Characters are limited to class-based spells and skills.

Hero - up to 999 levels of Hero. This is where Warriors can learn how to cast spells, mages can learn how to use a shield to bash an opponent, and everyone learns some form of 'multi class' skills.

Lord - After hero 500, you can attempt to become a Lord. Lord existance is, in essence, an entirely different game. No Lord is powerful enough to fight even just one Lord mob. Instead, group work is an absolute.

There is a fourth tier currently in development.

There are numerous other reasons to check out Avatar. We have over 20 character races, 7 unique classes and an entire worship system that can completely customize your character.

I have been mudding off and on for years, and I consider AVATAR Mud to be the best mud out there. Come and check us out!
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Old 01-07-2004, 11:40 AM   #3
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wow kenji i'm sold, wait... i already play there. they should replace the TMS description with what you've written. very impressive imho...

Rubicant - The lionbird
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Old 01-07-2004, 04:40 PM   #4
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Age of Darkness MUD

Well, I am not entirely sure what you mean by "Random equipment", but the only thing my mud lacks is that.  But I will still post this, as courtesy, just in case you would have an opportunity to check us out.  Although, we do have a slight random type of questing equipment system, where the quest list is randomized between a lot of different equipment sets, and you can also turn in a prize coupon for a random equipment!

My mud is called the Age of Darkness MUD, it is an enhanced Rom 2.4 diku derivative, based off Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series.  It involves roleplaying & playerkilling.

Your first request: Teamwork
You will not get anywhere without teamwork, roleplaying, player-killing, getting equipment, all has to be done part of a team almost all of the time.

Your second request: Character Development
Our mud has a unique system called "Legend".  To obtain legends, one must first acquire level 75, either by roleplaying or mobbing.  Then he must complete a set of requirements such as: certain roleplaying levels, certain gold collected (very hard to get gold), certain stats gained, etc.  Basically, your character will never have a limit to it's strength and potential it may gain.

Your third request: no base stats limit
Our mud has a base stat limit, but it is VERY high, and I doubt anyone will get there "anytime soon".  You can train your hp, mana, move by acquiring more and more trains through the questmaster, till you are satisfied with your stats.

Just to give you insight on our mud, it has 7 classes and 2 enhanced classes obtainable through Immortal applications.

Mud Advanced Features

-Hardcoded roleplaying system (bonuses for roleplaying, and you can level by roleplaying INSTEAD of the usual killing mobs)
-Player Run (Automated) Store system
-Unique Wheel of Time guilds (with a homeland for each guild, skills and spells for each guild, and their own set of ranks, a guild-leader, and co-leadership)
-Study/Book system, where one can study books to learn different skills/spells (Costs a lot of quest points).
-Mounting, taming, and horseback riding of animals.
-Tournament system where players can Player-kill each other without losing anything, with tournament ranks and automated prizes.
-Random Equipment and loading automated quest system (There is a random load of quest items everytime the mud coypovers or when a certain # of mobs are killed the list resets by itself).
-Archery combat code (bows, quivers, arrows).

Please stop by at port 3000, or visit our website  We average 15-25 players on at all times, some players may not be visible to you, so keep that in mind .  We also have 1-5 immortals on at all times to help you, and have mortal GUIDES specifically for helping newer people.

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