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Bless our Evil Deeds

Adventures Unlimited
Welcome to Adventures Unlimited, Text Based, MUD, RPG
telnet: 5005
************************************************** *******
Smiling as my mace smashes the skull of a sylvan elf I continue to hunt my prey. He has been hiding for hours scared to show his face, but I am a priest of the Dark Goddess and I know my time will come.

The Drow are destined to rule this land. The Goddess and my Mistress tell me as much. It is ordained. The light will fall into eternal darkness and fear will run through those weak of heart.

I am from the First House of Naerlan, Veldrin. There is none who can stop us. Jirah the Dark Goddess blesses our every evil deed. Wicked treachery and devious kills.

This elf I am hunting will fall. I will take his weapons, return to my hall and give them to my Mistress. Such service is what I am bred for.

Perhaps I shall make a cloak of his skin? I wonder if he knows he will die alone and Godless in the night when shadows creep around him. I suppose it does not matter.

I shall cut out his black Heishan eyes.

Amon of House Fra'lin,
Drone of House Veldrin, First House of Naerlan.

************************************************** *******

The Temple of Jirah and the House of Veldrin needs you, you who would join us bringing Tharel to its knees in worship and adoration to the Goddess and to the pleasure of the Valsharess. Whether you are blessed to join the ranks of Beast or indeed Veldress, there is a place for you within our vast world.

Would you not enjoy the opportunity to kill an embodiment of evil such as me? Or perhaps join me and make the light falter and people flee from your presence?
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