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Aetolia: Race Overhaul

Aetolia: The Midnight Age has recently retooled the entire concept of races in the world. No longer does one's race restrict them to a specific intellectual or physical boundary. With the addition of race-independent statpacks, players have the capacity to be a clever Troll, a prudent Imp, or an intelligent Human. What more could one ask for than the opportunity to be an intelligent Human!

The choice of race is not without its benefits, of course. Players of all races will now gain four racial skills as they progress through the nigh-unlimited levels of experience, starting at their first level and gaining a new skill at the 25th, 50th, and 75th level. Upon reaching the 99th level, new statpacks become available as one takes on the form of the Tekal, and further opportunities await beyond.

If you have had a character in Aetolia for some time and want to try out the new system, or you've been waiting for a reason to enter the Midnight Age, fear not! All reincarnations may currently be carried out as often as desired, so try your hand at assuming the form of an agile Dwarf or a muscular Grook. You may never have the opportunity again!
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