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Age of Reptiles

Though Age of Reptiles was likely more of a diversion for most players, there were a few people that were part-time devoted participants to its growth. I think the initial play period for it lasted, at most, five months, then it was later resurrected for a second life of approximately the same amount of time. About a year and a half later, I am giving it another go. I have a person to bounce some code issues off of right now (coding has been one of the major problems for me), with one of the first big things to tackle being the correct implementation of the "lay eggs" ability. Wish me luck...

Anyway, a few posters on this site have shared some kind words about the game in the past and the general populace here has always seemed a bit more mature than other mud sites, so I am likely going to maintain the mud's presence solely here. I still cite the RP experiences I have seen on AoR as some of the best RP I have ever seen and I thank the players for sharing that with me.

Presently, I am watching the mud server and monitoring its stability and generally getting my feet wet in the primordial soup. Any players with past characters may find that their character files still exist, so, if you weren't killed by something and you remember your name/password, feel free to log on.

I still do not expect AoR to truly be much more than a niche game and used as a diversion from one's regular mud but if one enjoys eating a compsognathus once in a while, more power to you.
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