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Advanced SWR Seeking Dedicated RPers

UPDATE: Our playerbase is grown. It is generally anywhere from 8-15
players at any given time. Stop by and check us out.


The New Republic, under the presidency of President Layke Kahm'nt, led
many campaigns against the The Empire, then under Emperor Caspian Marok
and Empress Arienne Marok. Layke Kahmn't was a direct descendant of
the famous Slayn Kahmn't, a successful twi'lek engineer. The Marok family
was considered by many to be one of the most influential and sucessful
families, with three kids, two of which were force-sensitive. Kaitlin
Marok was born, who married off to another one to join the family, Subati
Marok. Shacen Marok and Jacen Marok were two force-sensitive children.
Shacen Marok married off to Aeran Firin-Marok in their teens, but Jacen
Marok was killed at a young age by his own lightsaber.

President Kahmn't pushed against the Empire through several campaigns
in an attempt to cause strife between the two governing bodies of the galaxy.
Under Emperor Caspian, Layke Kahmn'ts' clone was killed approximately three proven
times, and the Empire took control of the galaxy for a short period until
proper order could be restored.

President Jaraq Creole surfaced, took control of the Republic. He ruled
the Republic for many many years, signing peace treaties with the Empire
and for a time, the galaxy was in harmony. However, a Blacksun leader that
went by the name "Turkish" surfaced and sought to wreak havok between the
two peaceful nations. Caspian Marok wondered why the Republic had stolen all
the Empire's ships, and President Jaraq Creole told Emperor Marok that he had
nothing to do with it. Blacksun became the new target, and the Republic and
the Empire united to try to find them out. Turkish went into hiding, and for
a time, the galaxy was in peace again. Suddenly.. the world was reshapen.

Kyli Zraii, former CEO of Zraii Industries, began to head the New Republic.
Under his leadership, the Republic developed new ranks, new laws, and a basic
strucutre of government not seen under former presidents. Emperor Malidiuse
kept quiet, but his voice was heard quite often in the news, making
empty threats but no real action. Vice President Max von Hessen served
as the Republic's arm, acting within his powers to keep the Republic stabilized.
Again, the galaxy was in a state of relative peace before Emperor Malidiuse was
brutally murdered by a Sith Assassin by the name of Roran Archayen.

Archayen usurped the throne and sat himself as the new Emperor. Ruling with an iron
fist. Archayen ruled the Empire like no other since Palpatine, seeking to
bring the galaxy under his control. Many worlds fell to the Empire, and with Kyli
Zraii's resignation and defection to the Empire, Arriana Zyglos became the new
wartime President. Max von Hessen had dropped out of sight years before. War raged
the galaxy for years, the Republic struggling to hold the Empire back, slowly losing
ground. In the final battle of Coruscant, Arriana Zyglos and some rebel officers were
killed by a contingent of stormtroopers and Emperor Archayen. The galaxy was finally
under the might of the Empire.

Admiral Halan Gen'Khan of the New Republic, however, became President and sought
to push back the Empire. He began to gain ground and support, and before long,
the Republic was restored to its former might. The war raged on, however, and the
Empire began to push forwards again. Sovereign General Vger Stormtbringer of the
Empire became the hero of the Battle of Kuat, fending off wave after wave
of Republican troopers with his unit, before Halan's fleet ceased bombing the
planet and moved on. Suddenly, Halan Gen'Khan was captured by the Empire,
and has since been belived to be in a prison on the ISD Bastion, although
there have been rumours that he was assassinated.

A Jedi by the name of Garret Brant stepped up as the new president, and
worked out a peace treaty with the Empire. The Republic incurred a huge
war debt, but the Empire released some of the captured planets back
to the Republic. The Empire was at the height of it's power, and the Republic
was struggling to feed it's army. Then, suddenly, Emperor Roran Archayen
vanished. Vger Stormbringer assumed control of the Empire as Military Executor,
announcing that the Emperor was still alive, and that he was making every
effort to find him and return him to the throne.

.... And that is where we are. All of the names mentioned in this storyline
are REAL players. YES, you CAN shape the story of Galactic Insights. Play
in a world where things change, events happen, and the immortals simply moderate,
not tell you what you can or cannot do.

---- END TIMELINE ----

Come forth and join us. Play in a world where Star
Wars is brought to life. The Staff here at Sw:Gi
are always struggling to make the mud as real as possible.
There are many features here on Sw:Gi that are scarecly found
anywhere else. Using the Star Wars: Galactic Insights codebase, a highly modified
SWR 1.0 FUSS codebase, we have added new things and modified the old. Come and
share your ideas and create your destiny in the world known as
Star Wars. Create and define your destiny.

SW:GI is currently modified with 2200+ changes against a stock codebase.
It is a two+ year project.

Galactic Insights has a steady, growing, ever-changing PBase. We are
all unique in our own way. We LOVE to make additions to our playerbase!
Our peak times are usually evenings and nightimes EST. Immortals are always
on, though hidden. Don't leave if we're empty! Stay and we will grow! We
LOVE the new people! Come give us a chance. So many others have.

Sw:Gi runs the Star Wars: Galactic Insights v2.0 code.

At Galactic Insights, we're devoted to promoting the SWR community
as much as possible. We've recently developed the Loan system,
allowing a player to take a loan for credits and pay it off in due
time. Of course, there are repurcussions when you don't. This
loan system is the first of it's kind on a developed SWR based
MUD, and Sw:Gi did it first, and we did it best.

Do you know any other SWR MUD that can boast even 3-4 of our
unique features? No? Then why not give us a try, if you can't even
think of a MUD that can offer 3 of the thousands of things
we can offer? LOGON, and HAVE FUN! Hundreds of others have.


**NEW** Trivia System. Allows immortals to host a trivia and award players for winning.
**NEW** Never before seen- ability to AUCTION your ships. Unique to this MUD.
**NEW** Player shop code. Open your own shop, customize it, stock it, and make money.
**NEW** Ship modules. Build, and then modify your ship.
**NEW** Fully functional INTRODUCTION system. "A very tall, male Wookiee of a solid build stands here."
**NEW** Engineer built ships via the designship system.
Unique DROID CHIP SYSTEM - allows droids to modify skills and levels with chips.. WE did it FIRST!
CREDIT LOAN SYSTEM. Take a loan from the bank... WE did it FIRST!
LOTTERY system! Play each week and win BIG!
-HEAVY- Roleplay Environment.
Code changes on a daily basis. Literally.
Comm frequencies for enforced roleplay. "tell 456.129 Yes, I'll buy it."
Ally/War system for clans - tracking the status.
Heavily modified space system.
ARENA mini-game(fun).
FREEZE tag mini-game(more fun).
LAZER tag mini-game(ultimate fun).
HISCORE system - tracking player statistics. Compete for #1.
MULTI-PLAY system for lans/computer labs.
Mob-run questing system for earning quest points to purchase quest items.
0 fuel = death? Nope.
RPPSET command for immortals to award RP to serious RP'ers.
Command to purchase RP items, such as force, bonus levels, or skill percentages.
Excellent use of the Emergency Copyover System (ECS) - No downtime or player interruption.
Excellent server - no lag for most people.
Strict anti-cheating measures via MSM 1.5.
Over 280+ skills.
Over 100 forcer spells.
19 races.
Slicer class. Slice banks, steal ships.. endless amounts of awesome skills.
Keypadded doors.
NEWBIE HELPER system. Rewards for them and help for you!
Planetary Upgrade System(Shields and Barracks).
Planetary bombing from space.
Fighter ejection system, fighter afterburners, cloaking, ship alarm systems.
Ship CARGO system.
Entex/extex .. set your own logon/logout message.
Check WHO from logon.


Player opinion:

"I've been through a few MUDs, some better than others, all better
than RITS. One thing you don't see to often is one like this."

"The game has good RPers and all around helpful people."

"Star Wars: Galactic Insights is one of the most motivating star wars
muds I've played. All of the players I've run into thus far have
been very helpful, as well as the staff."

" is an incredibly well put together mud with a very
friendly playerbase."

"It has been well built and alot of additions have been made to the
mud since I first played there last year."

"Star Wars Galactic insight is full of impressive features..."

" far one of the best star wars muds..."

This isn't star wars. This is Galactic Insights.

We're a gold coin in a pile of silver ones.



Star Wars: Galactic Insights Home

AIM: SystmFrz
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