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Why Roleplay?!

I'm sorry but it seems that the majority of the majority of the muds out there are RP based. I don't want to role play I'm not very good at it... So can someone tell me a really good mud that does not require role playing. And if you can tell me of the other characteristics of the mud that would be great! thanks!

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Re: Why Roleplay?!
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Re: Why Roleplay?!

Darkwind - The Garou alone are worth playing this game. I love the creativity of this guild. I think usage may be low, though.

I might be wrong, but the following don't require RP even if it MAY exist in the world: Aardwolf, Disworld, and Ancient Anguish. These all have good-sized playerbases.
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Re: Why Roleplay?!

You should definately check out Icesus.

Icesus MUD - online adventure game
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Old 06-27-2008, 05:03 AM   #5
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Re: Why Roleplay?!

Try 4 Dimensions.
They encourage roleplay, but definitely don't require it, and the staff has the big advantage of not being ego-tripped.

And it is a very fun Mud, with lots of unusual features and fun things to do, if you tire of hack'n'slash. It also has the best zones and most entertaining quests that I've seen in any Mud, in case you are interested in exploring and challenges.

As they described themselves on their own Forum:
'4D - the Mud that doesn't take itself too seriously'.
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Re: Why Roleplay?!

Avatar MUD also does not require/enforce roleplay at all. For newer players, it has a mudschool created originally by an elementary school teacher turned principal, so it is a rich discussion of how to get started in MUDs in general, and more specifically how to advance in Avatar. This world has a high level of friendliness towards new players asking for help, also. There are anywhere from 50-80 players online at a time. Additionally, there is a Java client you can use to connect on the website,, or you can use straight telnet, or another program like zMUD. The address is

There is no player killing except in the arena, which is not connected to the main world but separate from it. Death there is not real death, in that after you die you only need to regenerate again, you don't lose equipment or experience. Death in the rest of the game just means walking back to your corpse and getting your items; there is no permadeath here.

Equipment can be enchanted to give it bonuses, and there are no randomized equipment drops. Except in the case of reboot only equipment (of which there is only a few dozen pieces in the game, total, mostly at higher tiers where you group and lotto items found), if you kill a mob once, you can kill it again and expect the same gear to drop.

In terms of class, we have 7 classes available at creation, with another 5 available to remort into at the Lord tier. For race, we have 23 currently available at creation, with another 11 available to remort into.

Also, we have another concept: 8 prestige classes. A few prestige classes mix two creatable classes to make a new one. For example, a druid is a mix between cleric and archer, while black circle initiate is a mix between a psionicist and a rogue. Others take the concept of a core class and twist it slightly (like Mage has offshoots of Wizard and Stormlord). These are unlocked relatively early (level 50) and the player does not have to go back to level 2, but continues on at level 50.

Feel free to come check us out

- Zahri
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