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Join an Active Team of Forgotten Realm D&D 3.5e Devs

Hello all,

d20MUD: Forgotten Realms is looking for a few new people to join it's development and administration team.

We have 3 positions to fill:

Builder: Create New Zones and Update Existing Zones

Assemblies Creator: Create New Objects & Crafting Recipes

Help File Writer: Create and Update Help Files and the MUD School

We'd prefer people who have already been mudding for at least five years, and preferably who have held a staff position somewhere before. We'll be asking you to give us some examples of experience in a leadership position, either on muds or in the real world. Players who have led clans or whatnot for a long time may also be accepted, even if they have not held a staff position anywhere before.

Age is unimportant, though personality is. We want socially active, friendly, and positive people. We don't want people who are overly cynical or negative towards others.

Time commitments are not necessary, there are no hard and fast deadlines. As long as you are logging in regularly and doing what you can when you can, we are happy. Since staff members who have not come from the playerbase of a mud have a very quick turnover rate, we will likely be putting you on a project where you will be completing or enhancing existing zones, before you can start one of your own.

As for ourselves, we are a small group of good people around the age of 30 who enjoy chatting about real life and the mud. We all get along very well, and there's usually a couple of us on at any given daylight or evening hour. We've all been doing the mud thing for anywhere from 7 to 14 years.

The mud itself is a D&D 3.5e rules mud set in the northwest of the Forgotten Realms, namely the Northern Sword Coast, Silver Marches and Icewind Dale. We're focusing on the Luskan area for now. The code is very advanced but the world is rather small. We're focusing on building up the world so we can open for players. As it stands any players who are not expressedly there to help test, would likely lose interest after a week or two of playing due to lack of in game content. This is why we're looking for you

If interested or looking for more information please send an email to You can also check out our website at Home

Now's the time to join a great group of people on a very active project, so look us up and send us an email to join our team today



P.S. Stop by the mud and check things out at port 4000
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