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Age of Reptiles Returns! (again!)

Age of Reptiles, one of the most unique MUDs around, has returned, and all the original builders have come back on board to update and expand this amazing world. What is Age of Reptiles about, you may ask? Pretty simple, really, you get to play a deinonychus, which is a type of hunting dinosaur very similar to the velociraptors of Jurassic Park. You can join up in packs, and go out on the savannah, or hunt in the swamps, and take down great beasts like triceratops, or brachiosaurs, or if you're feeling bold, you can even take on one of our giant crocodiles! A couple of things to keep in mind, though, since you are a dino, it's all tooth and claw, (nope, no equipment or weapons) and there is no speech or chat channels, (dinos can't talk!) and RP is enforced! That might sound terribly difficult to play, but in reality, the lack of speech generates some truly incredible role play. Players familiar with AoR, and who have not been in for a while, will be delighted with the new updates (new skills, and new areas opening up), and if you are new to AoR, or have not yet checked it out, oooh boy, you are in for a treat! So come on in, greet our newest immortal, Mika (using the 'think' command, of course) and hone those RP skills you are so proud of! -Deltoru, aka Aeolus
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