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Dragon's Era

Hello Im new to these forums but I am an avid Mud gamer and wanted to put a little something about the Mud I call home.

This mud is known as Dragon's Era, it is a roleplay enforced game set in a Medieval setting. The game is hosted on a private server and has a downloadable client. But the creator also has telnet addresses. I found this game a few months ago and have never been blow away by the differences between it and other muds. The character immersion is first class in my opinion and you can play several races and classes and multiclass professions. Gear and clothing are fully customizable, there are several shops where you can dress the part you want to (from plain clothes to seafaring). It is a level based advancement game where you boost your skills at ever level, but it has side quests and moderator spawned invasions that boost a players experience and encourages people to work together to defend towns. Dragon's Era is a free game to play and most if not all the current players are newbie friendly. I and my husband who just started playing the game have recieved help from the playerbase and have enjoyed ourselves immensly. So if your interested in finding out more about the game or looking to play here are some links.

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