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Novo Upanje: Recruitment Drive Promotion

Okay, people, we have great news! Over at Novo Upanje, we're a little short on players to fill out the multiple spheres that are open for play. We at NU love nothing more than helping players to fill their nWoD RP needs, so we've started a limited-time promotion to attract players. If you enjoy the New World of Darkness setting but are dismayed by the scarcity of good MUSHs using that setting, come on over and see what we offer!

Novo Upanje currently supports the following Spheres, all of which are open. We require no applications. You can create a character, read the required newsfiles, and proceed directly to chargen. The only approval process involves your character background, which is required, but only to the extent of answering five questions as simply or detailed as you wish. Open Spheres - Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Changeling: The Lost, and regular World of Darkness Mortals. All of these spheres are in desperate need of good players to fill them out.

As a promotion, for the next two weeks (no longer applicable as of March 4th), we are offering a special XP Bonus for characters created as part of a related, single-sphere group concept. Each group, be it a coterie, pack, motley, cabal, or just group of friends, must have a minimum of three players (not characters) to qualify. The XP (a total of 35 experience points, in accordance with the standard nWoD XP bonus for an experienced starting character) will be made available during chargen, and must be spent completely during that period. The characters who will be part of the group must explain in their backgrounds how their group was formed, in addition to the usual five questions.

Novo Upanje is dedicated to providing the best place to find RP in the New World of Darkness setting, and we sincerely hope that you give us a try. We promise you'll like it. Some of the features of the game include:
  • Open Chargen - Again, no application process required. No asking staff if you can have a <whatever>. No closed spheres. We use the chargen process described in each nWoD game for starting characters. Bonus XP available sometimes through promotions (We have one going on now!).
  • Tabula Rasa Setting - The grid is comprised of the fictional California city of San Arden and related communities. This setting is a blank slate for you to write your character's destiny on. There is no established supernatural community to keep you down. There are no NPCs or staff characters sitting in important positions. Those positions are open for the taking. In the recent past, a strange event wiped out the entire supernatural presence in San Arden, and the PCs are the first ones to reoccupy the area! Players get to decide how the setting evolves. Get in on the ground floor and claim your territory!
  • TPs and PrPs: We heavily support PrPs, which we expect will encompass most of the non-casual RP on the game. Running and participating in Player-Run-Plots is the primary way to gain XP during the course of the game, aside from +votes from other players and weekly XP just for logging in. Occasionally, staff will run a TP to stimulate RP and take the burden off those players who want to participate but not run a good plot.
  • Hands-Off Staff - We, the staff at Novo Upanje, are deeply dedicated to our game, and wish to provide players with the most enjoyable RP possible. Thus, we offer few restrictions on the types of plots you run. Like combat? Go crazy fighting hordes of monsters and protecting the unknowing city. Feel destructive? Contact staff for approval (generally a formality unlesss there are other factors involved), and go trash one of the businesses or buildings on the grid. Want to build something unique? Again, just ask and we're most likely going to say yes! We provide firm leadership, and efficient administration, but we're not here to micro-manage you. We trust players to RP in the way that is the most fun for them.
  • Cross-Over Opportunities: As has been stated, this is a Multi-Sphere game, with four major supernatural templates used in addition to Mortals. This provides a wonderful RP opportunity for players of one splat to interact with players of another splat. An alliance of Autumn Court changelings and Nosferatu vampires? Blood Talons and Adamantine Arrows duking it out side by side against some eldtritch abomination? Rivalry, intrigue, and sabotage? Easily doable. Go crazy.
  • Child PCs - Here at Novo Upanje, we offer a unique roleplaying experience in the form of child characters. The World of Darkness is a dangerous place, and for no one more than the children. We use the rules from WoD: Innocents, and allow players to create child characters according to those rules. However, please note that not all players will feel comfortable RPing with children, and child PCs will be treated as children ICly. It doesn't matter if you're actually a 400-year-old Gangrel, people are still going to ask you where your mommy is and tell you not to be out so late because it's past your bedtime. Do not expect to be treated as an equal by adult characters, and accept that your IC life is much more restricted. Child PCs may also be excluded from TPs and PrPs at the discretion of the ST. That said, if you want to look at the WoD through new, more innocent eyes, feel free.
Gameconnect: 9998
Webpage: NOVO UPANJE - Welcome
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