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Exclamation Tired of rpg? All you who borned to PK, The Eternal Battles is your new home!

Here's a short overview about The Eternal Battles.

* 3 different kingdoms. (Military based Kael, Nature oriented Tier, Evil kingdom of Sheol.)
* ALL communication is based on kingdoms. (You can't see global chat from other kingdoms.)
* You can see the amount of enemies online, but you can't see their names.
* Mud has a "minimap" built in, so you are able to see visually where you're located.
* Enemies are shown on your minimap as *'s.
* Map is original and easy to learn.
* You can type "map" anywhere, to see more of the map, but can't see your enemies on the map that way.
* Kick-ass PK engine. Group or solo fights may last from 5 minutes, up to hours, based on your OWN skill.
* 15 different classes. (Divided as 5 groups, tanks/damage/trappers/wallers/healers.)
* Classes are balanced. (But don't expect to kill everything/everyone single-handedly.)
* Fast mob-leveling. After reaching cap level from mobs, you can continune leveling either through PK, or RAIDING enemy towns.
* TOPPLAYER rankings to see who is the best PK'r in the mud. (Based on PERSONAL warscore.)
* Kingdom based Warscore.
* Fully functional FORUMS/WEBSITE, that also updates according to actions in mud. (If you kill someone, it will be shown on the website as well.)
* Web based WIKI about the mud - you can check out all the classes, races, skills, spells over there.
( The Eternal Battles Wiki - Home Page)
* Lots of equipment around the world on bossmobs. You can get fully geared fast, to get straight to PK.
* Donation pits/player files etc. all SAVE on crashes/reboots etc.
* Guild-system - if you want to be a part of a guild, or want to make your own guild. (Does NOT affect PK.)
* Quest system - Kill mobs/find items to receive gold and some extra powerups from qps.
* NO RPG skills like fishing, farming, every skill serves purpose in PK.
* Competent immortal staff.
* ROM based - heavily modified.

Come check us out, and you'll never look back : )
Last Player-Wipe occured about 3 weeks ago.
We are still coding/building new stuff, but the place is fully functional now.
If you ever played mud named Act of War, this may look familiar to you.

SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Log on and stay on : ) 8000

All of them work : )

If you have any questions, just ask here. Cya on the battlefield ; )

rEppArT - tHe rEtArDeD nEwBie
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