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Dark Metal MUSH - Old World of Darkness, Cyberpunk

This is Dark Metal MUSH: Cyberpunk, post-Apocalypse, Corp-controlled LATMA (Los Angeles-Tijuana Metropolitan Area). Bright to Dark, skyscrapers to slums, aerodynes to filthy alleyways. Security or freedom - what's your choice?

A mysterious ad for an eerie circus has been circulating the Matrix, baffling even the best of the hackers. The Camarilla work to secure their hold on the Bright areas of the city, while the Sabbat war in the sewers of Tijuana. The Garou work to solve a strange cybernetic plot, still fighting skirmishes against Project Green. A pride of Bastet plumb the depths of the eastern bayous, and the occasional Corax has been encountered searching out the secrets others don't want found. Want to run for the corps, dodge Metropolitan Security, or maybe try to take over a corp of your own? Live on the lawful side, or in the dark?

Dark Metal MUSH is open-chargen across the board for starting-level characters, old World of Darkness - Vampire, Mage, Sorcerer, Garou, Ratkin, Bastet, Corax, and cyber-enhanced Human. Plots are open to the playerbase at large - if you want to get involved with any of the above, just drop a word to a staffer. We'll work you in. Got an idea for a plot of your own? Our guidelines for running Player-Run-Plots not only allow but encourage it. Come tell your stories.

Averaging from 20-40 players (and sometimes more), there's plenty going on for anyone to get involved in. Have a look at our webpage for our extensive theme and information files.
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