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Carnegie is on a distinguished road
LegendMUD: A Trip to Nottingham

My journeys continue through this exciting land called LegendMUD. I find
myself travelling along The King's Road, near to a place called Sherwood.

People seem friendly here, as I have already seen several maids, peasants
and squires, none of whom seem at all threatening. I find myself wandering off
this road however and heading towards a large and looming castle. Once inside,
I turn down a short passage and...

(Below taken directly from game)

The Kitchens
Dogs trot around a large spit roasting a pig to perfection. A large kettle
simmers over the fire. Long tables line the room, providing work space for
the many drudges who must prepare so much food every day. Large hunks of
dried meat and vegetables hang from the ceiling along with various sized
knives and other implements. The fires and wall sconces are kept burning to
provide light.
[Exits: s]
An oven is set into the fireplace's chimney.
A large woman stands here supervising the work in the kitchens.

You ask the head cook, 'help?'

The head cook rummages around and pulls a battered pot off one of the shelves.

The head cook hands a battered pot to you.

The head cook says to you, 'Take that down to John, the blacksmith in Lincoln
and have him repair it for thee. Just give it to him and he will fix it for free.'

The head cook says, 'He owes me a few favors.'

Quests to be had, even within the most mundane of kitchens? Now then, I wonder
where this blacksmith named John is. My journeys continue!

LegendMUD is into it's 16th year. Come join the community and partake in the
adventure and fun!

You can find us at LegendMUD Official Website
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