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Looking for Role Players...

Hiya, I play a mud known as Elysium ( port 7777) The game is quite unique. It is not EXP based, and is not stupid huge. The problem is that there is a lack of strong RP. It takes patience to build yourself to a suitable situation. I am attempting to revive the Good Guys in this game as it has been neglected for a while because "Evil skills are easier to combo" This mud allows you to learn 6 different ability groups, and in each group there are skills to use. You can mix and match and thusly create your own unique character and fighting style.

The good guys I would be wanting to gain are:

Paladins: The holy warrior of the good lord Alaric. (in the game you will seek to join the knights guild (i am the guildhead) and learn Swordplay, Fisticuffs, Taming, Acrobatics, Channeling, and Healing)

Life Mages: Good magic users, who are natural enemies of Death Mages.(in the game you will seek to join the Sorcerers of Light (can be difficult at first as the Guildhead is stingy with upranks) You will seek to learn Astrology, Channeling, Mentalism, Farsight, Dreamsight, and Healing.)

Merceneries: Strictly warriors of the good guys. They do not use magic. Good for getting information before a battle. (In the game you will seek to join the Mercenaries guild and learn Bludgeons, Fisticuffs, Acrobatics, Subterfuge, Thievery, and Swordplay)

Artisans: Creators of the finest equipment and yet still battle worthy. (crafts of the real, artisans create weapons and armor, and place magic runes/enchantments) You will seek to join the artisans guild, Learning Forging, Runesmithing, Ensorcelling (you then should take one of two paths. Path 1 - Bludgeons, Acrobatics, Fisticuffs Path 2 - Herbalism, Alchemy, Crystalling)

Each class should represent a race, please do not make elves as the game already has too many. The classes should be as follows:

Mercenaries: Cyclops
Artisan: Path 1 - Dwarf Path 2 - Human, Cyclops, or Dwarf
Paladin: Human
Sorceror of Light: Human, Cyclops or Dwarf (preferably female)

Although it is possible to take the races and move them around, these would be best not only to your class, but also in the long scope of things (Example: That race has not been ruled by themselves in a long time. Dwarves are run by elves, Cyclops are run by humans, and Humans are run by elves.) Expect to learn the game at first, do not go jumping off the hinges, feel free to greet me by tells, says or mails. I will be over joyed at seeing new faces. Others will help as well, a few are weary of newbies expecting alternate characters (cheaters) and some are hostile. But generally these 3 races are safe to start out as.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Looking for Role Players...

I thought I should include a little bit more about the mud as it could use players of all sorts that was just what I was looking for. The mud has sixteen guilds to choose from:

Guild List:
1: The Forest Guardians (Guildhead: Morairus)
2: The Dark Magi (Guildhead: Sojourn)
3: The Night Weavers (Guildhead: Partisan)
4: The Knight's Guild (Guildhead: Frydret)
5: The Rogues' Guild (Guildhead unknown.)
6: Devotees of the Arcane (Guildhead: Llama)
7: The Sorcerers of Light (Guildhead: Sirine)
8: The Artisan's Guild (Guildhead: Greer)
9: The Mercenary's Guild (Guildhead: Izule)
10: The Demonic Knights (Guildhead: Drablo)
11: The Enchanters of Shadow (Guildhead: Minala)
12: The Thieves Guild (Guildhead unknown.)
13: The Warrior's Guild (Guildhead: Darkfly)
14: The Alchemist's Guild (Guildhead: Linara)
15: The Bard's Guild (Guildhead: Dakif)
16: The Rangers (Guildhead: Wyld)

Some of the guildheads are not all that active and could use a good new comer to brighten things up, bring a friend. Gralnak (creator and God of Chaos) is very up for removing inactive/alts from guildhead spots in order to keep the game breathing.

Your character will be allowed to learn six skillgroups. Each skillgroup has many Skills in that group. This allows you to mix and match. While you could learn from a guild, you can also learn OOG (Out of Guild), but at an extra cost. Each guild teaches 3 abilities which means after mastering that guild you may want to move on to further your learning, or simply stay and run the guild and learn your other abilities OOG. The list of abilities to choose from are as follows:


There are also two skills known to us as "Common Skills" they can be learned by anyone and not take up your six main skills. They are Riding and Herding. Taming and Riding are similar, except Taming allows you to tame creatures from Ponies all the way up to wyverns and ride them. Riding allows you to recieve basic animals (Ponies, Mules, Donkies, Stallions, Mares, Camels) from tamers and ride them. Herding allows you to purchase animal rights, pen animals of different types, breed then, and release them. From there you can kill them for carcasses to feed the city, skin them for their fur (if its a hairy animal), or tame them if you have taming.

Each skill has a list of abilities in it, I will give you an example of what I mean. This is the ability Acrobatics once it has been mastered by a player.:

In Acrobatics you have the following abilities:
sprint -= running as far as possible in a direction =-
contort -= escaping bonds and entrapments =-
run -= travelling at speed without tiring =-
scramble -= escaping amidst confusion =-
vaultkick -= knocking foes from their mounts =-
headbutt -= smashing your head into others faces =-
netdodge -= avoiding nets and entrapments =-
leap -= moving with such finesse as not to be followed =-
stun -= knocking foes off-balance =-
concuss -= rendering enemies unconcious with a blow to the neck =-
kneecap -= smashing the kneecaps of others =-
barge -= ramming doors open =-
fsmash -= leaping through a location, hitting someone on the way past =-
bodyroll -= tripping others as you leave a location =-
firebreath -= breathing fire through a torch =-
Your competency in Acrobatics is Master.

The mud is constantly growing and the opportunity for great RP is here, it just needs some players who want to Roleplay. Though if you are a hack and slasher, there are plenty of those here aswell. Send me a message with any questions I will be glad to answer them.

Also their are 9 playable races, each race has its own city, and there are 3 different continents that the races start out on. First Continent is in the NorthWest, It is Occid. Occid has the cities of Gralthar (Dwarves), Ruk'tan (Orcs), and Vagla (Goblins). The second Continent is in the NorthEast, It is Orien. Orien has the cities of Olbaron (Cyclops), And Thul'mar (Specters). The final continent is to the south, It is Polaris. It has cities such as Karinthia (Humans), Tylorus (Elves), Aronsol (Hamakei) and Szagan (Spawn).

Each race has a pretty decent history.

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Re: Looking for Role Players...

Greetings Everyone,

As you can see I am an enthusiast for this mud. You should really give it a try. I spoke with the creator and should more activity arise, we will be gaining more 'world quests' for our orders. Come and make yourself known in this realm. The possibilities are endless!

port 7777
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Re: Looking for Role Players...

I've recently been going to Elysium and I think its a great place! The one thing I think it lacks is newbie helpers. I asked another player about this and he said people probably think I'm an alt (cheating). this is very unfortunate. He has been very helpful getting me started and I'm also learning things the hard way, but I'm learning!

I found this place by doing an advanced search in what I was looking for in a MUD. Its not too big, there are quests, and I hear there's great RP, although I find I'm wandering the streets alone with NPCs quite often. Occassionally I will see a player walk by, but they keep on walking in most cases. I have gone out of my way to greet people through tells in order to establish a relationship with other players.

Its only been about a week, but I really like it. I like RP aspect that is built into the programming. I must get money to buy food, I have to practice swimming so I don't drown....

I hope this place lives up to my expectations!

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