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Looking for Roleplayer's and Creative Users!

The realm of Draenor is seeking your help with taking care
of some of our nastier problems. It seems that for some
reason we have attracted a large population of evil and
dangerous monsters to our realm. The local population of
humans, elves and dwarves is getting most upset, as I am
sure you can imagine.

In an attempt to put down these foul beasts, the various
guild leaders have advertised around the planes of existance
in the hopes, that maybe some hero will hear the call.

************************************************** ********
Why should you come here?

We have over 30 area's that are completely unique to our
realm, with more always in the works.

We have over 50 mini-quests scattered all across our realm,
with major quests and more. We have a Quest-Point store,
where you can spend these great quest points on things of
great power and use to all.

We have a trail system that links all the areas in an easy
to travel way. There are a number of signs with EXACT
walking directions scattered along these trails telling of
places of local intrest near such signs.

We have a number of major cities, each with a teleporter
that ties to all the cities, thus making travel around the
realm that much easier.

We have a world map with most of the zones listed on it,
of course some still have to be found, we don't list them
all on the main map.

As a newbie, you start with a full gear set, not just a
couple of pieces, but more like 18 pieces of gear!

*** Rise of the Hero ***

Now is the time of the Hero, within these realms.
Never before has such power been focused and centered
on new Hero's to the realm. Over 50 mini quests in the
realm, a number of major quests, more being added each
day! Great quest point gear, noble point gear and more!

New Hero's:
Equipment takes no damage anymore!
You get a complete set of Grave Robbed Gear.
You get a decent dagger to start with.
You start with 5,000 gold.
You start in a room with a note board full of important
information that would normally take you weeks to learn.
You then are sent to a large easy leveling area, that
you can hang out in till level 15.

Game Features:
Racial Remort System [New!]
New Spell Up apples, these will fast become a staple
food for you within the realms as you run around all
over the place leveling up. These are super buff food
apples, when eaten you get a number of great leveling
buff spells cast apon you. You start with 1 free apple,
after that they cost 500 gold. 22 buff spells!

Also now offering super sushi for your pets/animates
and charms etc. Does the exact same thing except for
it does it to your pet, 22 buff spells! Woot, sauce!

Lots of mini quests in various zones, more on the way!
30+ Unique Areas made by Lazerous spread across many zones.
4 races, 7 classes to choose from.
New class: Paladin has been added!
100 Mortal Levels + Remorte ( Non-standard )
Quest point, Arena point, Noble point system.
[Armor, weapons, + more to come]
Unique Housing Concept
Clans/Orders/Councils/Guilds/House of Lords <-- Lairs!
Spells and skills that will astound you!
3 Major Cities [3 more coming!]
2 Major Arena's With Prizes of Magic Weapons & Armor
Trail system with exact walking directions for all zones.
a well layed out World Map.
Active Forum Site for all Mud players and Admin alike.
PK or Non-Pk - Both are options and fun either way!
Altered Enchant Weapon and Armor Spells
Runes of great power scattered all over the realm.
Rings of power are rumored to exist.
Ability to craft a number of great magical items!
Ability to equip pets/charms etc and buff them!
All manor of creatures from town bully's
to Elder Dragon Lords.

*** New Things Under Construction ***

Respect Points and spreading them around...
Jungles of Roth [Level 1 to 100 Area]
Turoth City [Within the Jungles of Roth]
Draenor City Arena [New Arena]
Kingdom Features - More Kingdom commands and code!
Quests in all area's - Happening now and on-going.

Current Staff:

************************************************** *****

Beware where you wander in this realm, life is
not guaranteed. Come and check us out, you'll
be glad you did!

Definately seeking a coder + builders.

Port: 23
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Admin Email:
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