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A MUD Like No Other

Howdy, I’d like to tell you about a special MUD that has been built over the past 5 years with a lot of care and a great deal of excitement and passion. NarutoMUD is a MUD like no other out there today. If you ever felt a stigma towards anime MUDs, I suggest you give us a shot. NarutoMUD has been designed so that fans and non-fans of Naruto can come together for intense combat, fun role playing and interesting quests.

Unlike a lot of anime themed MUDs, NarutoMUD doesn’t assume you know Naruto and the areas and skill setups are not built to in ways that disadvantage you if you’ve never seen the show. Players who enjoy Naruto will be excited to see the theme has been handled carefully and in such a way that makes it so you can create your own ninja in the Naruto world, not just a shallow clone of a character from the source material.

We have original skills, unlike other MUDs in the anime genre; you won’t find copy and pasting of skills here. Each skill from the lowest level to the highest level has been made to be fun and rewarding, easy to pick up and use, but might take a little practice with it to find the best way to use it.

Our areas are also all original, designed for NarutoMUD and done in the spirit of the anime to be exciting and new. You’ll travel across the Cosmos Country and go on amazing adventures with other ninja you meet along the way.

We also have tons of other exciting features that let you really get into the game! The MUD standard customization of creating a biography and physical description are here, as well as blood types, customizable trash talking, favorite moves list, and also a friends list which lets you actually build close bonds with other players.

NarutoMUD has a lot more, too, and we’d love for you to experience them first hand with us! Join us at port 4545, or check out our website: NarutoMUD :: Home! We can’t wait to see you!
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