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[AD] No poleplay XP, only demigods

Fraust chats, 'Kav do you award poleplay xp >.>'

Dharmok chats, 'I bet you do a lot of poleplay.'

Jotnar chats, 'You should quit before you get hairy palms.'

While we don't reward poleplay at God Wars II, we do recognise that different players enjoy different things, and try to take that into account when introducing new features and changes.

The first five classes of God Wars II (vampire, werewolf, mage, demon and dragon) were all built around the idea of flexibility and variety; they each support many different builds, so that two members of the same class will almost always be different, often drastically.

I gave an example of this a couple of years ago when I advertised the dragon class, which includes six chromatic pedigrees, six metallic, six celestial and six crystal, as well as wyverns, serpents, hydra, and four variants of dracolich - and those were just subclasses of the 'traditional' dragon route, I didn't even touch on the draconian or human form variants of the class.

But I've come to realise that many players are overwhelmed by the choices, or simply have no interest in constantly tweaking and refining their character builds - they just want to get to the action! So with such players in mind, I've recently introduced a new class...

The Titan

The titan is geared towards physical combat, and is based on the giant deities of Greek and Norse mythology (except for its wendigo subclass, which is based on Algonquian mythology). It has only 10 powers, all of which are first-tier, but unlike the other classes the titan's powers provide only functional or specialised bonuses. The buff-like bonuses are instead based on the titan's total power ranks, regardless of how those ranks are distributed.

What this means is that you can't really go wrong when selecting a titan's powers. Whereas characters of other classes can prove underpowered or even unplayable if poorly built, the titan's power choices only determine their auxiliary abilities - their raw strength will be the same regardless of which powers are trained.

Of course there are still a few variations, with subclasses for hill giants, stone giants, fire giants, frost giants, storm giants, cloud giants, wendigos, cyclopes and ettins. But the class itself is still much simpler and easier to play than the other classes.

The Quickstart character creation option has been modified to lead into the titan class, allowing you to begin play as a heroic demigod similar to Cuchulain, Hercules or Achilles (although classing as a titan will still require several hours). If you fancy trying out a titan, I strongly recommend you start out with Quickstart.

The address is: 3000

Other links of interest:

Read the New Player's Guide

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Re: [AD] No poleplay XP, only demigods

This is awesome. A lot of players I recall didn't enjoy having to read through all the help files and then go out and test their powers in certain situations. This allows for a more balanced world for sure. I'll have to check it out.
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Re: [AD] No poleplay XP, only demigods

Cool. A friend help me get started recently, but I haven't had a lot of time to put into it yet. I still love to see new features where ever I'm playing.
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