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Elan Vital Searching for Players!

They've spent seven hundred years fighting just to stay alive. Seven hundred years, and too many times they've pulled back from the brink of total destruction by the skin of their teeth. After all, the world is watching, and beyond the walls, the things that wait do not care who lives and who dies.

It's been a difficult struggle. Many brave men and women have lost their lives in the attempt to save this little colony--so long ago an expansion mission from the Empire--from annihilation. But finally, it has begun to pay off. Nearly sixteen years have gone by in relative peace, and the city called Titania--the only city--has had a chance to catch its breath. In the peace have risen other issues--political strife between the magic-dependent House Petakova and the technology-reliant House Stocklin wear tensions tight, and with a Stocklin space program just getting underway, Titania's budding creativity is only just beginning to show.

It is the year 709 in a world where generations have grown up in the shadow of constant threat, where science and magic can never mix, where danger lurks on the doorstep of a fledgling colony that's hasn't had contact with its motherland in centuries. When every action is pivotal and every decision a step closer or farther from chaos, where will you stand?

Welcome, to Elan Vital.

In the year 5344 CE, the exploratory ship E.S. Starfall departed to discover new worlds in the name of the Terran Empire and its glorious Empress Titania. Equipped with the most modern in conveniences and boasting a fully sufficient population for colonization, the Starfall was helmed by members of two minor but ambitious noble families: House Petakova and House Stocklin.

Their mission was a success; fifty years of FTL travel brought them to the beautiful Earth-like planet of Voltumnus, tucked away in a distant corner of the galaxy. Voltumnus offered fertile soils, glittering seas and majestic mountains, the city of Titania established where all three met.

The early years were as prosperous as the settlers had hoped, the new colony flourishing under the guidance of its leaders. Yet one by one, the giant rocs that soared through the sky on forty-foot wingspans grounded their exploratory aircraft. Individuals who wandered too far from the heart of civilization tended to simply disappear.

In their seventh winter on Voltumnus, the world itself revolted against them. The local wildlife, inexplicably ignoring all natural rivalries, launched a fierce and bloody assault that nearly wiped out all human life on the planet.

It is the year 6101 CE- or, as the citizens of Titania call it, 709 AT. Days of living in peace on their planet are a hopeless dream; the never-ending war that begun that winter has only paused briefly in the centuries since. Humanity has regrouped and fought back, carving out a permanent foothold, but they have come no closer to understanding the mysteries of their world.

Their implacable foes command powers that science can't explain, abilities to work their will directly on the world around them that have come to be known as magic. Teleportation, calling down fire, illusions- the scope of these powers is vast and varied. They have appeared among the humans of the city as well, creating individuals known as Celestians who are unable to co-exist with technology.

The city of Titania has become divided; on the eastern bank of the Whiterush River, House Stocklin focuses on technological development and progress. On the western bank, House Petakova has accepted magic as the future, and is ruled by Celestians.

Uneasy tensions between the two halves of the city pale against the backdrop of the eternal war, but behind all the conflicts of the moment lies a single great question: what is the secret of Voltumnus?


Elan Vital is a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy set in an all-original world powered largely by the players that play there. What's good about us?

- Roleplaying-enforced gaming environment
- Rich, intricate plots
- Complex world
- Friendly playerbase
- Helpful and capable staff
- Diverse character opportunities (seriously--everything from magic to lasers and even shades of steampunk)
- Emphasis on player involvement
- And much more!

What's bad about us?

I'm biased. I don't know.

So come check us out today! You can connect directly to the MUSH at port 1790, or visit us online at the Elan Vital Wiki. New faces are always welcome!
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