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Drag(*)nball Z: Reality


DBZ Reality is a Dragon Ball Z MUD, run on a custom codebase (rather than a generic codebase). It is an open PVP game, though the primary focus is PVE. Roleplaying is allowed, though not enforced. There is no permadeath, though if you are killed in PVP, your equipment will drop.


The MUD has quite an impressive set of features: multiple different types of characters such as saiyans, androids, biological android, nameks and more, all the various transformations from the series. The combat style is unique to any MUD. Instead of finding a mob and doing "kill rat", then sitting back and watching your character fight, you have to manually input your attacks and manually block all attacks coming at you, which totally eliminates the tedium of grinding a character. Each fight is different and the outcome is all up to how good of a fighter you want to be! There are no automatic hits in this: you must actually pay attention in combat to be able to do well! Due to this system, it is also functionally not possible to bot.

Virtually every attack seen in the series is present, though obviously only certain characters can learn certain attacks; eg, only a Namek could use the special beam cannon attack (Biological Androids get this attack, too), and only an android can drain energy with their hand. Many character classes have transformations that can be aquired in various ways, further increasing their utility.

There are five different planets to go to and fight on: Earth, Namek, Planet Vegeta, the Iczerian Homeworld, and Planet Arlia, although the majority of mobs are split between Earth and Namek. Each planet is not made up of normal "rooms" like seen on most MUDs. There is a graphical (ASCII) map in it's place that shows mobs/players in your field of view and will announce when someone is flying close to you.

A wide variety of equipment is available for use, again, all based on the series; if you want to dress up like your favorite character, you are quite able to do so. Equipment is most commonly used (because of the weight equipment offers) to help players train their speed. Speed, as well as powerlevel and skill, plays an important role in how effective you are against mobs (and players!) stronger than yourself.

Special battles from the series, based on the various movies, will randomly appear on Earth at predetermined intervals. These 'Iconic Battlefields' are, essentially, instanced dungeons meant for a group of people to go into and fight in. If they defeat the enemies therein, they are then rewarded with rare, useful (though not overpowered) equipment.

The Dragon Balls are present as well, though as there is no dragon radar in the game, they will prove difficult to find (albiet, not impossible).

Finally, there is a system in place that allows you to create your own attacks, meaning that you can completely customize your character if you so wish, using no attacks from the show at all. Right now, melee customization is in, and works fine, and energy customization is on the way. The custom creation system is quite well balanced, preventing one from making overpowered attacks, and in addition custom attacks require admin approval.

Player Base

Low, for the moment. The MUD usually has from 5-10 people on at most times of the day, and slightly more at peak hours. Those that are on are generally helpful and friendly, especially to newbies, however. I recieved a lot of good advice from people after I joined.


The MUD is extremely stable. I have virtually no complaints: there has never been a crash the entire time I've used it. My only concern is that there is a small lag spike when someone logs in, but this is being worked on and is a minor annoyance in any case. The login/logout lag will be fixed as soon as the MUD moves to it's new server.


The races ingame are all relatively well balanced; one might expect Saiyans to completely dominate due to the events of the show, but in practice, the character types are extremely diverse. PVP is limited in such a fashion that you may only be attacked by someone who's power level is within a certain amount of yours; this prevents newbie poaching and griefing to an extent. There are also safe zones on Earth that one may go to if they need to idle, or if you just want to chat in the OOC channel.


Grinding up isn't too hard, though it can be easier for some races than others (not significantly enough to unbalance things, however). There is a wide variety of enemies of various strengths to fight, so you shouldn't usually have trouble finding things to beat on. You can group with multiple other characters to take on tough opponents, which helps as well.

Unlike most MUDs, Dragonball Z: Reality has no levels and equipment is not based on levels. You gain powerlevel and speed based on how strong your opponent is compared to yourself, length of the fight and a few other components. Simply flying past an enemy and barraging it with a slew of blasts is going to yield you a very minimal gain (if any at all). Engaging in a fight with someone a bit stronger than yourself and putting your all into the fight and coming out of it victorious is going to yield a very high gain.


To cap things off, DBZ Reality is probably the best DBZ MUD out there at the moment. If you're looking for something unique with an emphasis on fighting with skill and not a set of triggers, then ditch your old MUDs and enter our Reality.

Drag(*)nball Z: Reality
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