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Cool Kingdoms of the Lost - 10 year anniversary of adventures!

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago my wife and I started our own MUD, Kingdoms of the Lost (or KotL), and that it is still running today, but here it is. Why should you come join us? Well, there is plenty to do:

- We have over 100 original zones created by the players and staff over the years

- The primary continent of Olerax is comprised of multiple kingdoms, each with their own cultures and benefits. Whether you wish to hail from the barbarian kingdom of Klevnone, the peace-loving forests of Murkwood, the arcane magic hating country of Armengar, the reclusive inhabitants of Calararian who live in a city in the sky or the swampy home of Mesilena which plays host to many undead – there are many choices for you to express yourself and create an exciting character.

- Character creation is deep, with hair and eye characteristics – but simple as well. There are five classes to start with, but our tiered system allows for your fighter to become a warrior or a knight. If you choose a knight, do you become a doomknight or paladin? If you choose a paladin, do you ultimately choose the path of soulreaver or deathknight? The choice is yours as are the new skills each class (75 in total) presents along the way over hundreds of levels of play.

- Kingdoms and religions are run by players, with ranks and bonuses for the ranks built in. Annual festivals are held for the kingdoms – with Klevnone celebrating an early fall one for the harvest, Mesilena in late fall for the Merriment of Masks, Armengar celebrating the new year, Murkwood celebrating the spring renewal, and Calararian celebrates the Summer Eclipse.

We have added to and tweaked many of our features over the years, from auto questing and varied lists of rewards that can be purchased from multiple quest masters, the tier system, and evolution system (watch as your lizardman gains enough statistically to become a dragonkin, and then ultimately one of several dragons – each new evolution brings better stats, altered resistances and new race-specific skills – over 50 races in total but again a smaller number to start as you ease into the experience), custom weapon and armor creation through the collection of quest tokens, moxes and gems that can be socketed into gear to not only boost various statistics – but in some cases combine to create powerful weapon and shield flags, runes that can be tattooed to the body to grant additional skills and bonuses, a language system for various races and so much more. We have paid great attention to detail over the years, including things such as unique wear slots based on race and even a system where losses in combat can lead to scars that can be seen by others – or covered with equipment.

All of this is brought to you by a friendly, mature and experienced staff of imms. We have been playing and working on games like this for many years, and we are looking for players who want a place to relax and understand the need to sometimes ‘get away from real life’ for awhile – we do it ourselves. We like to have fun as much as the next person, and want you to be the next person.

In celebration of our 10 years, we are holding a week-long festival coinciding with our Calararian one. The result? A week of bonuses, new random combat mods, blind auctions, festival mobs who sell things not normally available and some big surprises in both code and area content that we are breaking out for everyone. This is going now (9/5/10) and will run through Sunday of next week.

Come visit us at Kingdoms of the Lost and lose yourself in the fun and imagination as we celebrate a decade of adventures together!

Kingdoms of the Lost port 2222
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Re: Kingdoms of the Lost - 10 year anniversary of adventures!

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

Only a handful of MUDs can boast reaching this milestone.

Well done!
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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough
Re: Kingdoms of the Lost - 10 year anniversary of adventures!

Way to go Kingdoms!
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