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Eye of the Cyclops 2 (rom)

Eye of the Cyclops 2.0
Medieval fantasy mud. Started from quickmud.

* 10 Classes (Sorcerer, Bishop, Ninja, Hoplite, Templar, Avenger,Lich, Shaman, Druid, Assassin)
-Each class gets a round time and spellpower...
-You get your roundtime or spellpower from your first class
* Custom coded Multiclassing up to four classes
* Lots of class only skills/spells, more coming.
* 206 Mortal Levels
* 40 Player Races
* Becomedragon command for Draconians to become Dragons!!
* Leveling/Customizable Weapons
* Blacksmithing
* Fighting Stances, basic and advanced
* Player Quest system
* 21 Dragonlance Pantheon Gods
* The ability to become a Werewolf, Vampire, Demon, Undead in addition to class/race
* Accounts System
* Level command to gain levels for one of four classes with restore
* Clan System
* Large 3x3 asciimap
* Replaced Berserk, now you attack a bunch of mobs at the same time
* Directions command
* Vitality, Charisma, Luck, Agility and Discipline Ability scores, all max at 250 (on top of regular 5)
* Hunger and Thirst that kills, Sataite skill for not having to eat/drink
* Roundtime, each class has a differant ammount of time for the next round of hits to come.
* Player owned homes.
* Ticket, Multi-Item Auction System
* Spell Colors
* Player focus, choose one for bonues.. advance them by exping
* Artifact armor, levels to 10, each level gives AC

* Coding work done daily

Currently looking to hire a Coders, Builders and a help file writer.

site: 2850 []
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