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4 Dimensions Haunted House

The ancient dwelling of one Solorn Del'Vante has suddenly appeared just beyond the 4 Dimensions park. What was once a quiet, restful place is now full of screams, moans and evil laughing. It is said that the dead haunt us because they need something from us. Perhaps that is true of this place. Or perhaps all it wants it to add more people to the undead army that lives inside it. One will never know unless you go inside and check it out for yourself. Hopefully you'll come out in one piece. Or if not, at least come out alive.

Are you brave enough, adventurer, to enter the Haunted Halls of the Del'Vante mansion and discover its many secrets or will you turn your back to the many discoveries that lie within.

In other words: 4D is opening up its seasonal Haunted House. It is built so almost every level of player can check it out and do the quests (yes, they are built in) there are only one or two things only a high level player could do (or you could find a high level player to help you out, perhaps). Some come on by, say hello and check it out. The house will stay up until about a week after Halloween so don't wait too long or the house will disappear before you know it.
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