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SW1MUSH: Live a Star Wars Life!

Hi there!

SW1MUSH is experiencing a bit of a lull in players (~7-9 nightly); there's lots of opportunities to be had and roles in the universe to be had!

In its 19-year history, this heavily RPG-oriented MUSH based upon the West End version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game has run lots of plots and developed a long and verbose canon of its own (for example, the New Republic has lost control of Coruscant, and Mon Calamari's shipyards have been destroyed); but, Star Wars is still Star Wars. The Galactic Empire and the New Republic continue their struggle for control of the galaxy, the Corporate Sector Authority continues to do everything it can to profit from anyone and everyone, the Jedi and Sith keep fighting, et cetera.

As I noted, we're a pretty small MUSH, so we progress forward at a fairly slow rate (generally 1-2 scenes a week) due to having to work around people's schedules, and there's a fairly small pool of characters (around 3-4 independents, 4-5 on the New Republic side, and about 6-7 on the Imperial side). This isn't without its upsides, however, as it is very easy to get involved in and influence plots, as well as giving you a lot of room in how you want to develop your character.

Most likely, if you like fancy objects, mobs, complex combat systems, and the like, you aren't going to find what you're looking for--we're fairly simple in how we operate. We have an expansive space system, and lots of coded planets and interactive environments and weapons based off a virtual item system, but at SW1, it's all about the RP, the plot, and the occasional rolling of some virtual D6s. If that kind of writing-oriented environment is what you like, then give us a try!

If you like to play military characters, you can join the Imperial Navy and serve as an officer or trooper on the I2SD Inquisitor, join the New Republic as a fighter pilot, be a bounty hunter or mercenary, or join a faction's ground forces if you like. Prefer power characters? You could play politicians, executives, public figures. Or you could play a simple, humble citizen.

We post a lot of logs to our wiki , which some of our players work on to function as a companion guide to the MUSH and its massive history--we've been around since '91! At press time, we're running a plot concerned with some political unrest and uprise on Imperial-controlled Corellia, the logs for which can be found linked at this page.

I play Tokoga there (as well as doing a lot with our wiki), and am usually available to answer any questions.

In short:
  • Small MUSH -- lots of opportunity to scale, easy to get involved in planning
  • RP, pose oriented format
  • Friendly & approachable administration and playerbase
  • Wiki, if that's your thing
  • Fun times to be had by all
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